Premium and Maturity Calculator for Bima Diamond (Plan No:841)

Premium and Maturity Calculator for Bima Diamond plan (841) provides premium details (Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly) with accidental benefit rider including service tax. The calculator also provides approximate returns associated with this plan. Please Provide following details and click on calculate.

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Wrote : 03-03-2018 17:39:18

How to calculate Premium amount without tax..for registration required premium amount without tax .my Diamond (841) plan of Sum assured of RS. 4 lacs.

Replied : 04-03-2018 09:28:38
Premium calculator for Bima diamond is available on this site, please visit it.

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Wrote : 21-08-2017 18:38:43

Thnks for the details of the plan

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Wrote : 24-07-2017 17:47:48

No problem, LIC accepts Rs.1 short fall, if any, in First Premium.

Wrote : 17-08-2017 07:49:10

Sir... Total meturty amount of bima daimand policy... And... What is loyalty addition.

Replied : 17-08-2017 10:28:01
Loyalty Addition is one time amount which is paid in year of maturity/death/surrender.

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Wrote : 24-05-2017 14:02:34

What will be approx loyalty addition for bima diamond 20 yrs plan for 300000 of 39 yrs policy holder

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Wrote : 14-05-2017 20:58:06

Dear Sir, I am looking for LIC plan that can provide maximum insurance/premium other than term plan. Pl suggest

Replied : 15-05-2017 00:02:22
You can look for 814 plan with term rider.

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Wrote : 05-04-2017 12:49:22

I want to buy jeevan saral policy. Is it available nowadays ?

Replied : 05-04-2017 13:06:45
No, it is not available now.

Wrote : 05-04-2017 15:36:11

Ok, thanks for information, Can you tell me please, currently which policies are available in market and which is best to buy for me, I can invest 200000 sum assured for 15 or 20 years.I am 28 yrs old.

Replied : 06-04-2017 10:52:47
You may look for plan 833 and 836.

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Wrote : 02-03-2017 17:34:40

Im 31. I already have 814 plan for 16 years. Sum assured for 5L. If i go for this plan Bima diamond for 5L, what will be the Loyalty amount ? what amount will i recieve @ maturity

Replied : 02-03-2017 19:11:27
Loyalty addition is not declared yet.

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Wrote : 28-02-2017 20:10:58


Replied : 28-02-2017 21:51:20
No, it is not available online.

Wrote : 23-03-2017 07:38:01

dear sir u can contact me for get plan and best service.

Replied : 23-03-2017 08:33:47
Thank You.

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Wrote : 09-02-2017 15:15:51

I'm 37.... which policy is better jeevan labh or new bhima diamond? My agent has suggested me these 2 plans... or any other insurance policy u would like to suggest me... Thanks

Replied : 09-02-2017 16:13:53
Both plans have been explained on this site with help of examples, please go through the details and choose one which best suits you. You can also use premium and maturity calculator to know benefits as per your details (SA, term & age). In case of any query, you can comment below.

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Wrote : 08-02-2017 22:08:33

How can i know the exact maturity amount?

Replied : 09-02-2017 16:18:48
In bonus and loyalty addition based plans, exact maturity can only be calculated at the time of maturity.

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Wrote : 06-02-2017 21:20:17

If I am paying 100000 premium for 16 years then why do I get only 55000 on maturity.. i want the whole sum on maturity pls give me the calculations.. age as of now is 30 years

Replied : 06-02-2017 22:06:45
Kindly go through the calculator's result carefully, it is not 55000.

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Wrote : 01-02-2017 19:55:49

Can I purchase online this bima diamond policy

Replied : 01-02-2017 21:56:12
It is not available for online purchase.

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Wrote : 01-02-2017 13:49:19

hi i have two policy 1.>20915xxx aman kumar shukla 2.>20915××× akshay shukla i have pay this policy online but this polices are not show on online why reply me fast plz.

Replied : 01-02-2017 14:25:55
Where are you not finding these policies? Have you registered your policies at LIC website?

Wrote : 01-02-2017 14:31:33

where i registered this polices when i register this police (the ans. is not valid this polices )

Replied : 01-02-2017 16:41:28
Please enter premium without service tax.

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Wrote : 31-01-2017 14:28:30

Hi, Can i change my Payment Mode from Half yearly to Annually.

Replied : 31-01-2017 14:53:08
Yes, it can be changed on policy anniversary.

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Wrote : 31-01-2017 12:23:57

Hi, During purchase If I pay the half yearly amount and then I want to pay monthly premium. Is that possible?

Replied : 31-01-2017 12:28:05
Yes, you change it at the time of policy anniversary.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 18:43:25

The approximate value of loyalty addition is not mentioned anywhere. Thus calculating return on investment is not possible. Pls clarify loyalty addition value

Replied : 28-01-2017 19:42:49
The loyalty addition for this plan is not declared by LIC, that is why it is not mentioned.

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Wrote : 19-01-2017 19:56:00

Very helpful websit for understanding plans and policy of LIC

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Wrote : 30-12-2016 14:21:36

It is not a good profit for the Policy Holder. Plans should attract every one.

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Wrote : 18-12-2016 07:40:58

Very help full beaz common men can easy understand your system

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Wrote : 17-12-2016 18:00:30

Thank you for making this site for calculating premium.Its very much helps. thanks.

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Wrote : 01-12-2016 22:01:33

This is very useful to all to calculate lic premium and estimate policy maturity amount. Thanks.

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Wrote : 22-11-2016 22:26:28

Kya me apna jeewan aanad policy plan lic bima diamond plan me change kr skti hun...

Replied : 23-11-2016 00:03:49
No, change ka option nhi h.

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Wrote : 15-11-2016 17:14:09

Thank you for making this site it helps me lot. Plan premium is accurate as given in ready reckoner. It helps me every moment. Regular site update be continued in future. Thankful to you!!!!!!!!!

Replied : 15-11-2016 20:45:35
Thanks for your words of appreciation.

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Wrote : 07-11-2016 15:32:44

It is very superb site for premium calculator but Approx Rs. 1 difference is coming comparing to chart of plan bima diamond. Thanks for making this site!

Replied : 07-11-2016 15:55:50
Thanks for your appreciation, Rs. 1 difference will be shorted out shortly.

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