Plan Your LIC New Endowment Plan (814)

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Wrote : 10-06-2017 14:07:59

Hi Team, This is regarding the LIC NEW Endowment plan 814 I am paying a monthly premium of 4252 Rs from last six months , the plan term is 25 years. Basic sum Assured is 13lac. I wanted to surrender it after 3years. for 36 months i will be paying around Rs 1,53,072 as premium. If i surrender it after 3 years how much money i am going to get ?? at-least i will get the paid premium na ?? Checked on line Surrender Calculator, here it is showing as Premium paid RS 153072 and surrender amount Rs 74526 so total loss of Rs 78546 Sir please let me know whether i am going to loose money if surrender after 3 years. If "YES" then is it better to cancel now itself Please revert back ASAP!! Regards, Raj

Replied : 11-06-2017 10:27:11
Surrender will cause loss.

Wrote : 10-07-2017 15:06:48

just calculate clicking below link

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Wrote : 15-01-2017 17:40:45

Kindly let me know whether Medical Test (ECG and Fasting Sugar) is applicable for a 52-year old male for taking Life Insurance policy under Table 814 New Endowment Plan.

Replied : 15-01-2017 18:04:57
Yes, it will be required if you opting for high sum assured.

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Wrote : 01-01-2017 16:13:54

Thank you SIr I am an Insurance adviser. Your calculation & presentation is very easy & helpful for understanding. Thanks for making such helpful site.

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Wrote : 30-11-2016 11:36:46

It's very easy to use. Understand all the thing very easily ... No Doubt it's Superb ,all things are very clear ,There is no any superficially pictures Thanks to create such type of Helping site to the Customers and Financial Experts

Replied : 30-11-2016 11:37:41
Thanks for your appreciation.

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