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Wrote : 09-03-2018 21:18:13

This website must be giving wrong information. My premium is 42000 yearly and also got lic document showing sum assurred 10lacs but here it ia showing only 7.7lacs. Hey admin, Plz correct you details

Replied : 10-03-2018 12:15:44
What is your plan name, term, age and sum assured?

Wrote : 10-03-2018 12:31:58

New jeevan anand Term 26yrs Age 30 Sum assurred 10yrs

Replied : 10-03-2018 19:48:58
Kindly check with correct term, your sum assured will be 10Lakh only. In last calculation you have used term as 21 years instead of 26 years.

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Wrote : 19-12-2017 16:31:34

Policy details,Premium & Maturity benefits are explained nicely. Helpful to decide a good plan in LIC. Thanks !

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Wrote : 09-07-2017 14:30:15

Sir, I have 32 years ahead. I have taken a life insurance policy whose premium (20 years) is quarterly 15300. Please try to tell how much the full amount will be available.

Replied : 09-07-2017 23:48:53
Every policy has its name or table number please find it on your policy document. It will be very difficult to tell about your policy by knowing premium only.

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Wrote : 21-04-2017 16:39:01

do we get bonus every year for this policy like other polices

Replied : 21-04-2017 23:53:53
Bonus is declared for each policy year and keeps accumulating and paid at maturity. Bonus is not paid on yearly basis.

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Wrote : 21-04-2017 12:02:22

Sum amount 100000 after 15 years how much amount I will recieve

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Wrote : 14-03-2017 13:56:52

Dear Ravi, 3000/month premium means yearly 36000 we paid to LIC but as per your illustration on 30725 can you explain why? Please if possible mail me.

Replied : 14-03-2017 14:14:23
I think you have got confused between sum assured 3,60,000 and premium 36000. Please try to calculate again.

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Wrote : 13-03-2017 15:36:49

Hello!! Thanks for all the information available on this site, they have been really helpful. Can I have more than one policy to cover my life? Example, I am looking to buy a policy like Jeevan Anand 815 (which has income offers) and also a low premium insurance which only covers my unfortunate demise, and nothing in return as survival benefit.

Replied : 13-03-2017 16:13:56
Yes, You can take more than one policy. Term plan will serve the purpose of risk cover only purpose.

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Wrote : 07-01-2017 19:29:25

is policy beneficial for long term

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Wrote : 02-01-2017 11:21:38

Want so see calculation

Replied : 03-01-2017 00:09:03
Please complete required two steps to see the benefit details.

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