Premium & Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Shikhar (837)

Premium and Maturity calculator for Jeevan Shikhar (Table No: 837) provides complete details of this plan like premium, maturity and year-wise & age-wise risk covers. Please Enter Following information to calculate all details and benefits related to Jeevan Shikhar Plan.

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Wrote : 04-01-2017 12:20:10

Hi I paid 42280 as my premium amount my age is 29. is it 1lakh sumassured ? for my income tax submission can i use total amount or only 10000?

Replied : 04-01-2017 12:51:17
Yes, Your Maturity Sum Assured is 1 Lakh. For Income tax submission, you can claim 42280 for tax exemption under 80C.

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Wrote : 10-09-2016 12:06:12

What is the tax benifit of 2 lak sum insuerd of age 12 year. I have pay 80000 single priemium

Replied : 10-09-2016 16:02:41
The paid premium will be exempted from income tax under 80c for that financial.

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Wrote : 02-05-2016 14:29:58

fine unable to give premium calculator result

Replied : 02-05-2016 16:02:43
Please check now, there was some problem at that time.

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Wrote : 18-04-2016 16:11:00

Death claim is only for accident death or natural death also ?

Replied : 18-04-2016 16:50:30
Natural death also.

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Wrote : 30-03-2016 18:02:30

Sir,I m Nitin Jain 32 Years if i invest 100000/-for 15 Years then how much will be the amount after 15 years. i calculated on ur calculator..but its shows only 103200/- only..... i don't think...its gives me profit...

Replied : 30-03-2016 19:07:35
It is an insurance plan and the prime objective of this plan is risk cover which 10 times of the single premium and 2nd objective is saving which will give guaranteed amount irrespective interest rate after 15 year.

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Wrote : 28-03-2016 16:38:56

hi dear, just want to know if i invest 200000 INR for 15 years, then how much will be the amount after 15 years. i live in dubai, you can reply to my mail

Replied : 28-03-2016 17:05:29
What is your age?

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Wrote : 27-03-2016 12:52:21

Sir I wanted to know how can i get premium debate under jeevan shikar policy.?.as I read that the sum assured between 2-400000 get rs. 15 per 1000 premium discount.

Replied : 27-03-2016 19:53:00
Premium calculator shows premium are after this rebate. please us premium calculator.

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Wrote : 26-03-2016 13:43:24

pl. tell us the total benifit after 15 years we gate. many agent tell us ,you will gate three times of the premium after 15 years. if it is write or not. confirm please.

Replied : 26-03-2016 13:48:42
please use above calculator it explains every thing.

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Wrote : 23-03-2016 14:37:05

Could you please suggest , what may be the practical interest rate working out for the premium paid amount, whether it will be 8% confirmatory, or varying? Thank you

Replied : 23-03-2016 15:31:19
There is nothing like pecentage of return in this plan, you choose your maturity sum assured by paying a single amount and you will get that maturity sum assured after 15 years. in addition to above you will also get loyalty addition which will be 4000-5000 per lakh of maturity sum assured

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Wrote : 05-03-2016 20:58:17

is the return calculated in the above is excluding the principal amount. i.e. 103200+43336

Replied : 05-03-2016 23:33:40
It is inclusive of all.

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Wrote : 22-02-2016 08:27:02

can i close my polocy before maturity. And how many maturity i gain

Replied : 22-02-2016 20:33:54
Before maturing you can surrender your policy and surrender amount will depend upon number of years tha policy has been continued.

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Wrote : 10-02-2016 08:29:12

Now if i buy this policy in this feb. month, will i get tax benefit for year 16-17? Or it will consider in current financial year 15-16? Pls be confirm..

Replied : 10-02-2016 09:45:49
it will be considered for current FY.

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Wrote : 05-02-2016 23:11:46

If I want to place a MSA of 1500000 then what will be the maturity amount . For 15 lakhs what premium I have to pay at the starting....?

Replied : 06-02-2016 11:02:22
what is your present age?

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Wrote : 03-02-2016 13:00:44

What about income tax deduction

Replied : 03-02-2016 19:56:48
Paid premium are exempted from income tax and maturity will be tax free.

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Wrote : 22-01-2016 21:43:17

What is the last date to buy this plan...

Replied : 23-01-2016 21:55:31
it was launched on 11-01-2016 and it is open for sale for maximum 120 days.

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Wrote : 18-01-2016 08:11:10

my age is 37 years , if i pay 100000 as single premium, what is the maturity amount for policy of 15 years and what is the death and accidental benifits for jeevan sikhar policy, please send me the details.

Replied : 19-01-2016 11:30:11
Your maturity will be 220000 guaranteed plus 10000 variable and 10,00,000 life cover.

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Wrote : 10-01-2016 19:27:41

Superb plan

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