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Wrote : 17-04-2018 13:04:54

May I purchase more than one policy for my one child ? kindly confirm it.

Replied : 19-04-2018 23:45:10
Yes, you can purchase, but there are certain conditions like dependent can't have high risk cover (above e.g. 10Lakh) if proposer (father) is not having at least that much risk cover.

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Wrote : 28-05-2017 19:06:44

Can we get any return at the time of graduation @16 years

Replied : 29-05-2017 16:54:42
No, the cash flows (money backs) will start from 20th year of child's age.

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Wrote : 27-04-2017 16:25:20

good policy

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Wrote : 24-03-2017 16:48:07

need premium calculation

Replied : 24-03-2017 22:06:39
Please share child and father ages and sum assured for the same.

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Wrote : 16-03-2017 01:12:31

Good policy

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Wrote : 03-02-2017 20:12:26

Good calculator.

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Wrote : 12-06-2016 16:10:58

Nice plan and nice calculation

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Wrote : 08-05-2016 18:54:25

want to know maturity amount

Replied : 09-05-2016 07:56:26
Please use maturity calculator for this plan.

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