LIC Amulya Jeevan 2 (823)- A pure Term Insurance

Amulya Jeevan II, is a pure term insurance policy of LIC, which provides high life cover in case of unfortunate death of policy holder during policy term. This plan does not provide any maturity value. Amulya Jeevan II plan provides high life cover in case of death on very low premium, so it can be a must have insurance plan for adequate financial security of family and loved ones.

Key Features

  • High Life Cover on low premium
  • Premiums paid are eligible for tax rebate under 80(C)
  • No Maturity or survival benefit

Plan Parameters

Age of Entry 18 to 60 Years
Calculate your Age
Premium Paying Mode Half yearly & Yearly
Calculate Premium
Policy Term 5 to 35 years
Sum Assured 25,00,000 and above (in multiples of 1,00,000)
Loan Not Applicable
Surrender No Surrender Amount
Revival Within 2 Years

Death benefit

  • Amount equal to sum assured will be paid to nominee on death of policy holder during policy term.

Maturity benefit

  • On survival of policy holder, nothing will be paid.

Amulya Jeevan 2 with Example

LIC's Amulya Jeevan II is a term plan, which provides life cover in case of death of policy holder, Lets take an example of a person who is purchasing Amulya Jeevan II with following details.

Sum Assured: Rs. 50,00,000
Policy Term: 25 Years
Policy Purchase Year: 2015
Age: 30 Years
Yearly Premium: Rs. 11,172 Calculate Premium


On Survival, i.e. completion of 25 year, the policy will terminate and nothing will be paid as maturity amount.

But in case of unfortunate death during policy term, 50,00,000 will be paid to policy holder's nominee. Following table indicates total premium paid and amount payable to nominee if death happens at 10th year of policy.

Policy Year Year Premium Paid(Rs. 11011 yearly) Amount Payable to Nominee
1 201611011 0
2 201722022 0
3 201833033 0
4 201944044 0
5 202055055 0
6 202166066 0
7 202277077 0
8 202388088 0
9 202499099 0
10 2025 110110 5000000

Above example explains the various aspects & benefits of Amulya Jeevan 2 policy and this plan is recommended for almost every one who wants to provide sufficient amount to his/her family in case of unfortunate death.

Comments & Reviews

Wrote : 21-04-2017 22:17:50


Replied : 22-04-2017 00:12:53
Your question is not clear, please ask it clearly.

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Wrote : 13-04-2017 08:25:24


Replied : 14-04-2017 13:22:49
You can take this plan for you and your wife. You need to visit branch for this. Since your wife is not earning, she will be allowed sum assured less than yours.

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Wrote : 07-04-2017 01:33:15

Who borne medical expenses Agent or Person (who are interested to take policy).

Replied : 07-04-2017 09:13:29
It will be borned by insurance company.

Wrote : 07-04-2017 20:00:19

thank u sir/madam for your valuable reply.

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Wrote : 14-03-2017 21:23:29

Above as per Amulya Jeevan 2 example Table indicates premium paid at 10th year is 1,10,110 and amount payable to nominee if death happens at 10th year of policy is 50,00,000. whereas if death happen at 9th year, table indicates Amount Payable to Nominee is 0, Is it so?

Replied : 14-03-2017 21:57:50
No, above table is example if death happens in 10th year. Same will be the case of 9 year also.

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Wrote : 09-03-2017 16:46:52

I am going to complete 35 years in September 2017, i wanted to opt for 35 Lacs, 35 years Jeevan Amulya 2 Plan. I am professional, will I need to go for medical. Which tests are required.

Replied : 09-03-2017 18:52:01
Yes, for 35Lakh medical will be required.

Wrote : 10-04-2017 14:09:59

I am 20 years old.l wanted 823 no table for 25lacs.i am special medical urgent.

Replied : 10-04-2017 14:55:01
Yes, it will be required.

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Wrote : 19-02-2017 13:03:39

At what sum assured medical is required?

Replied : 19-02-2017 13:13:24
Opting 10 Lakh and above will require medical test in normal conditions. Some professionals and government employees are allowed up to 15 Lakh risk cover without medical test.

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Wrote : 10-02-2017 12:26:49

My age 38 yrs old and i get jeevan amulya 2 policy within 5000000, when i get this policy can medical is composery yes or no? annul imcom is 400000

Replied : 10-02-2017 16:38:57
Yes, medical will be required.

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Wrote : 25-01-2017 12:01:24

Hi, I am 37yr old lady. My income isn't around 6 lac per annum. I want to know the premium for Amulya jivan 2 for term of 25 yrs.

Replied : 27-01-2017 11:33:59
You can calculate premium using premium calculator of this plan, here goes the Link.

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Wrote : 17-01-2017 16:20:12

I am interested to take Amulya Jeevan plan, so pls guide me whether there is any benefit in case of accidental disability.

Replied : 17-01-2017 16:32:22
No, it does not cover accidental disability.

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Wrote : 16-01-2017 11:39:34

Hi. I'm having this policy from September 2016. Can I cancel this policy? If yes thn wht is the procedure?

Replied : 16-01-2017 11:46:55
Yes, But I do not think you will get any refund as free look in period has passed. If you do not want this plan, then simply do not pay further premiums. You will have life cover for the period against which you have paid premium.

Wrote : 16-01-2017 13:27:22

I hv paid only one premium which is yearly. Should I go to lic ofc n cancel this? Or any other way to cancel.

Replied : 16-01-2017 14:02:37
You need to go to branch.

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 19:55:20

Recently I have taken a Term policy Amulya Jeevan 2 on tha policy I have seen a stamp from LIC stating that WITH OUT ACCEDENTAL BENEFITS. Will it cover accidental death or not please

Replied : 12-01-2017 10:33:49
It means no extra claim in case of accidental death i.e. death claim will be same for accidental as well as normal death.

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 12:43:24

Please inform is the AMULYA JEEVAN 823 covers any disability facility. Thanks.

Replied : 11-01-2017 13:09:39
No, it does not cover disability.

Wrote : 11-01-2017 13:42:34

Thank you for your information. Is there any policy which covers accidental disability??

Replied : 11-01-2017 14:26:22
You can look for 815, 814 836 or 833 which have option of disability rider.

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Wrote : 07-12-2016 14:37:04

Which death covers in Amulya Jeevan 2 ? 1. Natural Death OR Accident Death 2. Natural Death 3. Accident Death

Replied : 07-12-2016 16:35:48
Both natural and accidental death are covered and both type of deaths are same in this context.

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Wrote : 07-11-2016 17:54:22

If unfortunate death happens within one/two years from the date of purchase of 823 where as the term is 5years and SA is 5000000, may I avail total SA? If unavailable, from what year it is available?

Replied : 09-11-2016 11:41:05
Risk Cover starts immediately.

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Wrote : 07-11-2016 09:10:04

I am 39 year old contractual worker can I get lic amulay jeevan policy.may annual income is 1.8 lakh.

Replied : 07-11-2016 11:05:12
Yes, You can, in case LIC does not allow 25 Lakh sum assured, then you can opt for anmol jeevan 2 for less than 25 lakh sum assured.

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Wrote : 21-09-2016 08:44:49

My Date Of Birth is 4/12/1969 . I am a Businessman. My present annual income is around 2 lack during three successive financial years as per my IT Return. I want to take 2500000 SA for 15 years. Is it possible ? If possible then what documents will have to submit

Replied : 21-09-2016 13:17:24
You can contact nearest lic branch, in case 25L is not eligible, then you can look for anmol jeevan 2 plan.

Wrote : 29-09-2016 11:40:01

Yes it is possible Mr. Ravi.

Replied : 30-09-2016 14:22:03
Thanks for your information, but only income is not a criteria to have high sum assured, as it also depend upon health contions that is why it was written like that.

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Wrote : 14-09-2016 19:35:12

Medical test is plan mai kahi se bhi kara lo ya lic authorised center se hi karana padega

Replied : 14-09-2016 20:20:00
LIC authorized medical centers se karana hoga.

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Wrote : 14-09-2016 11:44:38

I want to take 3000000 sa my age is 33 and i am a govt teacher getting salary 40000 which kind of medical required in this...kindly suggeat me

Replied : 14-09-2016 18:33:24
Yes, medical test will be required for 30Lakh Sum assured.

Wrote : 14-09-2016 18:37:29

What types of test?? Plz reply me

Replied : 14-09-2016 18:41:44
ECG, SBT-13, RUA and Hb%.

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Wrote : 09-09-2016 10:41:57

Can merchantNavy person who is NRE(non resident emigrants)buy this policy.What about coverage due to death on ship doing high risk job

Replied : 09-09-2016 14:02:14
Marchant navy personnel can take this plan.kindly visit any branch for this.

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Wrote : 08-09-2016 11:40:24

can house wifes takes amulya jeevan 2 for 25 lacs

Replied : 08-09-2016 11:57:39
Can take but her husband would also require to have more than 25 lakh sum assured.

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Wrote : 04-09-2016 19:07:22

can i keep my brother for nominee he is dependent on me

Replied : 05-09-2016 10:52:54
Yes, you can make him.

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Wrote : 04-09-2016 11:55:37

Namaste sir, I am interested to take Amulya Jeevan plan, so pls guide me, my annual income is 2,00,000 and I am self employed, want to take 25,00,000 cover, my age is 36, I don't have any income tax returns. What should I have to produce and eligible for this plan, so pls guide me sir, thank u..

Replied : 05-09-2016 11:01:57
You can avail, kindly contact an agent or LIC branch. In case of eligibility issue in you can look for anmol jeevan 2 for less than 25 lakh sum assured.

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Wrote : 31-08-2016 14:51:20

i have income of Rs. 200000/- but i dont have ITR return. how i get this policy. age : 30, SA: 25,00,000/-. thank you

Replied : 31-08-2016 16:38:58
You can avail it. Medical tests will be required. Kindly contact some agent or visit LIC branch. In case, LIC does not provide 25 lakh then you can apply for anmol jeevan 2 for less sum assured.

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Wrote : 29-08-2016 18:47:16

Hi Ravi, Thank you for this wonderful information. Is this policy will have cap period..?? for example, If policy holder dies within 2 years after purchasing this policy, will they (LIC) pay full amount or any partial amount..??.

Replied : 29-08-2016 23:46:27
It will cover from the day the policy number gets generated.

Wrote : 30-08-2016 09:16:11

Thank you soo much for your quick revert. Many Thanks..

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Wrote : 25-08-2016 15:36:00

if i want to purchase term plan(823) for a sum assured Rs 5000000/- how much annual income required. My date of birth is 10-06-1972. and i am non smoker

Replied : 26-08-2016 11:09:10
Generally, 20 times of annual of income can be availed as sum assured. It will also depend upon job profile.

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Wrote : 23-07-2016 17:44:31

Hi In pure term plan(amulya -jeevan 2) do we get the annual bonus as per LIC profit policy.?

Replied : 24-07-2016 01:27:54
No. It provides life cover only. Nothing on maturity.

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Wrote : 21-07-2016 15:22:35


Replied : 21-07-2016 16:12:52
You can avail 9.9 Lakh by providing proof of income. Medical tests will not be required.

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Wrote : 19-07-2016 12:37:22


Replied : 19-07-2016 14:32:26
For Higher sum assured health and income are considered for eligibility. Unemployed can also take policy up to certain limit but source have to be mentioned.

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Wrote : 30-06-2016 23:04:26

i want to know whether the nominee possibly gets the sum assured after the policyholder dies through chronic disease?

Replied : 01-07-2016 11:14:00
Policy holder should declare about the disease while taking the policy.

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Wrote : 30-06-2016 20:32:05

i m pawan k gandhi from punjab. i want to take this policy. bt i want to know that i can take this poliy or not, because i m suffering from dibetes for 6 months, bt from then it is in my full control. actually i m absolutely fit, plz tell me can i take this policy( AMULYA JEEVAN 823) plz tell me

Replied : 01-07-2016 13:02:54
yes, you can take but extra premium will be applicable.

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