LIC Jeevan Labh Plan (836)

LIC Jeevan Labh (Table No 836) is a non-linked ( Not dependent on share market) limited premium paying endowment assurance plan which means premium paying term is less than policy term for example, if policy term 16 has been selected then premium will be paid for 10 years only and maturity will be paid after completion of 16 years. The benefit illustration given in this example is based on simple reversionary bonus declared for 2015-16 (Latest).

Key Features

  • High Bonus Attracting Plan
  • Premiums need to be paid for less number of years than Maturity year
  • Ideal Plan for planning Child's Education and Marriage
  • Options to avail accidental benefit and term riders
  • Paid premiums are exempted from income tax under 80C
  • Maturity amount is tax free under 10 (10D)

Plan Parameters

Minimum Age at Entry8 Years (Completed)
Maximum Age at Entry59 Years for 16 Year Term
54 Years for 21 Year Term
50 Years for 25 Year Term
Calculate Age
Premium Paying ModeYearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly (ECS Only)
Calculate Your Premium
Policy Term (Premium Payment Term) 16(10), 21(15), 25(16)
Basic Sum Assured 2,00,000 and above (in multiple of 10,000)
Premium Payment Mode rebate 2% on yearly, 1% on Half Yearly, Nil on Quarterly & Monthly
Rebate on High Sum Assured
(Per 1000 of Sum Assured)
0% up to 4,90,000
1.25% for 5,00,000 to 9,90,000
1.50% for 10,00,000 to 14,90,000
1.75% for 15,00,000 and above
LoanAfter 3 years
SurrenderAfter 3 years of full premium payment [ Surrender Value Calulator]

Maturity Benefit

On completion of policy term, Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus will be paid as maturity.

Death Benefit

In case of death during policy term of the plan, Bonus up to year of death & FAB along with Sum Assured will be paid as Death claim to Policy holder's nominee.

Jeevan Labh (836) with an Example

Sum Assured (Rs.)12,00,000
Age (Years)29
Policy Term(Years)25
Premium Paying Term16
Purchase Year2016
Yearly Premium (Rs.) (Without ST)54,385
Total Paid Premium (Rs.)8,70,160

(To know premium with prevailing service tax (ST) and benefits as per your details, please use Premium Calculator and Maturity Calculator for this plan.)


So, as per above example, policy holder needs to pay the premium of Rs. 54,385 per year for 16 years (Premium Paying Term) and after completion of 25 years (Policy Term). The benefits (maturity & Year-wise death claims) related to this plan is given below. The following illustration has been prepared as per 2015-16 bonus rate(Latest).

Maturity Details

If Policy holder survives 25 years, then Maturity (Sum Assured + Bonus +FAB) will be as under.

Maturity Year Age at Maturity Total Premium Paid Maturity Amount (Approx.)
2041 54 870160 3240000

Death Claim Details

In case of death during policy term ( Before 25 years ), Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (Normal Life Cover) will be paid to nominee. In case of accidental death, additional amount equal to Sum Assured along with Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (Accidental Life Cover) will be paid to nominee. Year-wise and Age-wise Normal Life Cover and Accidental Life Covers will be as follows.

How to Understand Following Table

Suppose if, unfortunate death of policy holder happens in year 2027 (at age 40), then by that time total premium paid will be Rs. 6,52,620 and nominee will get death claim as Rs. 19,20,000 in case of normal death or Rs. 31,20,000 as accidental death claim in case of death due to accident and policy will stop.

Year Age Total Paid Premium Normal Life Cover (Approx.) Accidental Life Cover (Approx.)
2016 29 54385 1260000 2460000
2017 30 108770 1320000 2520000
2018 31 163155 1380000 2580000
2019 32 217540 1440000 2640000
2020 33 271925 1500000 2700000
2021 34 326310 1560000 2760000
2022 35 380695 1620000 2820000
2023 36 435080 1680000 2880000
2024 37 489465 1740000 2940000
2025 38 543850 1800000 3000000
2026 39 598235 1860000 3060000
2027 40 652620 1920000 3120000
2028 41 707005 1980000 3180000
2029 42 761390 2040000 3240000
2030 43 815775 2136000 3336000
2031 44 870160 2202000 3402000
2032 45 -- 2274000 3474000
2033 46 -- 2346000 3546000
2034 47 -- 2448000 3648000
2035 48 -- 2520000 3720000
2036 49 -- 2640000 3840000
2037 50 -- 2784000 3984000
2038 51 -- 2940000 4140000
2039 52 -- 3060000 4260000
2040 53 -- 3240000 4440000

Above example has been prepared for illustration purpose only. The Bonus rate has been taken as Rs. 50 per thousand of sum assured which is as per last declared and FAB rate as Rs. 450 per thousand of sum assured. for More details, please refer to LIC Website and in case of any query please write your comment below.

Comments & Reviews

Wrote : 24-03-2017 22:08:34

My father's age is 59 and I want to invest in LIC JIVAN LABH ( 836) plan. It is possible or not please inform me

Replied : 24-03-2017 22:19:51
Yes, He can. please ensure that his age is less than 59 year and 6months otherwise his age will be considered as 60 years. You may use age calculator for his age calculation.

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Wrote : 11-03-2017 12:01:07

How have you calculated 32 lac returns for SA of just 12 lacs when bonus paid is just Rs 50 per Rs 1000 of premium. Bonus should be around Rs 60,000 and maturity amount should be around Rs 12,60,000.

Replied : 11-03-2017 16:36:53
Bonus Rs 50 is per 1000 of sum assured per year, so 60,000 (appox) bonus is for single year and you need to multiply it by term to get total bonus.

Wrote : 13-03-2017 17:09:40

Is bonus paid for each term year or just for payment term or just 1 year. Is it paid on per Rs 1000 of premium paid till date or SA, I don't think this plan will give Rs 15 lac bonus as per your calculations.

Replied : 13-03-2017 17:34:41
Bonus declared for each year during policy term e.g. Rs. 50 per thousand of Sum Assured per year. what is your sum assured and term you are talking about ?, please share, will clear your doubt.

Wrote : 15-03-2017 23:38:01

According to your calculation 56424*16 = 887500/- But actually it is 902784/- Why this miscalculation is taken place..

Replied : 16-03-2017 10:18:51
Premium amount 56424 is inclusive of service tax and total approx amount to be paid is calculated on premium without service tax. The reason for taking premium without service tax is because of the fact that service tax rate (prevailing rate 3.75% on First Year Premium and 1.875% on second year onwards premiums) are subject to change in future. To make it more clear, premium without ST has been updated.

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Wrote : 09-03-2017 14:19:20

i am recently registered in LIC portal. when i am trying to pay premium (Jeevan labh, code 863) its asking type of policy like conventional policies ulip/health policies pay renewal premium pay additional (top up) premium Please suggest which one i need to select for jeevan labh policy

Replied : 09-03-2017 20:54:48
It will be conventional in case of 836, you may follow this LINK for guidance.

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Wrote : 01-03-2017 19:35:26

jeevan labh policy (836) this policy cover income tax benefit if how many

Replied : 01-03-2017 21:20:43
Yes, Paid premiums up to 1.5 lakh is exempted from income tax under 80C.

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Wrote : 17-02-2017 14:10:32

Hello sir we want jeevanlabha policy but we can't pay yearly 40000 so how much can we pay

Replied : 17-02-2017 16:04:39
You can pay monthly, quarterly or half yearly.

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Wrote : 10-02-2017 08:34:10

I have taken jeevan labh policy 16(25) and pay a mnthly premium of 3829/- .Upto what percentage income tax exemption i will get..please tell me with an example

Replied : 10-02-2017 16:48:51
Premium paid against life insursnce policy is exempted from income tax under 80c and limit is 1.5Lakh. You cab take rebate up to 1.5 Lakh including all investment.

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Wrote : 26-01-2017 13:16:09

Please suggest: (1) My wife is 53 yrs old working as contractual employee with no pension or any benefit. Any pension policy or will the Jeevan Labh be ok ? (2) I am 62 yrs old. Retd. govt. employee. So which LIC policy will be better?. Thanks. SKD.

Replied : 26-01-2017 17:50:24
If pension is main objective then it is not good to invest in insurance plans as insurance premium includes mortality charges which will be high in your cases. Kindly divide your investment in to RD and SIP.

Wrote : 09-02-2017 05:25:53

The Only Good Option to invest will be Jeevan Akshay ,Option iv Annutiy for life with Purchase Price on Death. Please call me back at 964612204 more details.

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Wrote : 25-01-2017 08:36:14

Hello sir ,how can we get online mode rebate on half year mode payment and can you tell me what is Rebate on High Sum Assured (Per 1000 of Sum Assured) on 500000

Replied : 25-01-2017 11:05:09

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Wrote : 13-01-2017 16:32:39

Hello sir, Jeevan labh policy me low premium hai Kya?Pls reply.

Replied : 13-01-2017 16:50:09
Minimum Premium depends upon age and term, please use PREMIUM CALCULATOR to calculate premium as per your age. Enter minimum sum assured 200000.

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Wrote : 13-01-2017 05:45:29

Sir I want total rs 20lakh( including all). So in jivan Labh policy how much I have to paid ?

Replied : 13-01-2017 10:23:19
Kindly use Jeevan Labh Planner and try entering investment amounts until you get maturity(approx return) as 20Lakh.

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Wrote : 08-01-2017 11:10:09

Sir I purchase new jeevan labh(836) can I get cash back from payment of premium online

Replied : 08-01-2017 19:19:44
Cash Back is not applicable on this plan.

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Wrote : 25-12-2016 18:22:25

Hi Ravi , I have taken jeevan saral policy in the year Jan 2011 , premium amount of Rs 1021 per month , so what would be guaranteed maturity amount after 10 years

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Wrote : 24-12-2016 16:36:11

Hi sir, I am 41 years & investing Rs: 55757. 00 PM (from 31.03.2016) in Jeevan Labh (PPT: 836 /21/15), as an lici agent informed I may get pension benefit from the same after completion of 21 years. Sir, I am working in a pvt company having to pension.... kindly inform, would I able to get pension from Jeevan Labh?

Replied : 24-12-2016 20:02:22
This plan will provide a lump sum maturity amoumt and you can invest the maturity amount in any pension plan available at that time to get pension. This policy itself, does not have pension feature.

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Wrote : 23-12-2016 18:45:51

Sir, Now I am 42, planned to Jeevan Labh of Rs.5L S.A. for 21(15PPT) then what will be Approx. Maturity Amount, Risk Amount for Normal and Accident. Kindly advice.

Replied : 23-12-2016 20:14:45
Maturity calculator is available on this site, please use it for approx benefits

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Wrote : 22-12-2016 18:09:09

If u need clarity see the table but it is not giving any guartee on maturity amount. So u wil b getting less than fb. If u see in terms of risk benifit it is attractive and benifit u.

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Wrote : 16-12-2016 20:46:17

Dear sir i want to know that what is the maximum ceiling amount of accidental death claim in lic endowment policies? Suppose Mr X has three policies like new jeevan aanad of sum assured of 25 lakh , jeevan lakshya of sum assured of 30 lakh and jeevan labh of sum assured of 20 lakh and suppose Mr X dies in accident after taking all three policies then what is the maximum a??cidental amount Mrs X will receive after death of Mr X?

Replied : 17-12-2016 19:14:36
Max Accidental death claim amount is 1Crore including all policies of LIC.

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Wrote : 15-12-2016 16:40:24

hello sir, i m 24yr , i m not married yet, jeevan labh (836) i think buy.... yet my brother nommene then when i married can i changes nommen brother to wife ????

Replied : 15-12-2016 22:25:31
Yes, you can.

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Wrote : 05-12-2016 15:15:30

Sir, One of the Lici agent told me about the Jeevan Laab Policy.So, I got little interested on that , I want to do that for somebody else for 10 years and get maturity after 16 years . I am interested to do on amount of Rs 2 lakh and his age is 31 years. From u I want to know properly about maturity value after 16 years and if suddenly any accident occurs its beneficial value and also its yearly premium.I eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank u...

Replied : 05-12-2016 15:44:17
Please use Jeevan Labh Planner for complete details and in case, any further clarification is required, please write back.

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Wrote : 25-11-2016 15:21:47

I just got a call from LIC. He was saying that yearly pay for 23,640/- for 16 years SA will be 13,50,000/- and we can't claim that policy we will get pension 11,250/- per month. Is it true or any fake call

Replied : 26-11-2016 11:48:30
Kindly ask name of policy, term and sum assured and calculate the benefits yourself. The benefits are approximate but you will get understanding of plan details.

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Wrote : 23-09-2016 00:45:08

Go for jeevan akshay (189) It is one of the best pension plan in the history of Lic . U will get guaranteed return of every month

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Wrote : 15-09-2016 05:03:26

Hello Sir, I am paying 30698 per year for 4 lakhs sum assured in jeevan anand for the tenure of 15 years. how much i will get after maturity. i want to go with jeevan labh if i am not satisfied with jeevan anand maturity value by surrendering it. is it a good step? please suggest.

Replied : 15-09-2016 10:44:09
Surrendering will definitely cause losses, i would not suggest to surrender one policy to take another.

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Wrote : 13-09-2016 09:51:19

Sir, I am a PSU employee. I took jeevan labh policy which S.A. 2 LAKHS. 16(10) for my father on his name. Whether I can show it for benefit in IT declation the premium paid hence.

Replied : 13-09-2016 10:47:27
Benefit of income tax section 80c can be availed for insurance premium paid for self, spouse or children. Premium paid for father is not applicable for this.

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Wrote : 12-09-2016 10:54:13

I am 58 years old (DOB 24/11/1957) working in MNC and may continue till 70 years. We do not have pension and looking for regular return. Pl advice.

Replied : 12-09-2016 21:00:13
Currently available pension provides pension immediately i.e. deposit 10Lakh and receive monthly pension 5877 per month from next month.

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Wrote : 05-09-2016 07:50:27

It's a participating Plan.Maturity in this plan is shown as approximately (as per today's bonus rate). But as we all witness that there is a decreasing trend of bonus rate for last many years. Their should be some guaranted maturity amount as some other private companies are providing. Please suggest

Replied : 05-09-2016 12:14:09
Sum assured is guaranteed in this plan and bonus for this plan financial year 2015-16 is announced which is 50 per thousand of sum assured. This yearly bonus can be thought as guaranteed which will be paid at maturity. For past bonus trends you can use maturity calculator for plan number 149 by entering purchase year as 2003.

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Wrote : 02-09-2016 13:23:23

My age is 36 .Female .Please suggest some plan or policy for 10-15 years with 10k quaterly or halfly.

Replied : 02-09-2016 20:10:50
You can buy jeevan labh.

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Wrote : 25-08-2016 18:57:32

Final maturity amount is TDS free ? Or the final maturity amount will come under 10(10)D income tax rules and will be tax free...

Replied : 26-08-2016 10:34:02
It will be tax free under 10(10)D of income tax, for which, annual premium should not be greater than 10% of basic sum assured or sum assured should be at least 10 times of yearly premium.

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Wrote : 23-08-2016 12:41:07

Can a father (age 44 years) be a proposer to insure the life of his 5 years old son in this Jivan Labh plan?

Replied : 23-08-2016 21:56:36
Minimum age for buying jeevan labh is 8 years.

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Wrote : 25-07-2016 14:30:36

Hi sir, Sir suppose Jeevab labh LIC term 25 (PPT-16) LIC 3 lakh ki hai or 1-2 year death ho jati hai to LIC Sum assured amt kitana degi. (SA, FAB, )

Replied : 25-07-2016 21:32:51
Sum assured plus bonus.

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Wrote : 08-07-2016 14:18:31

Dear Sir, What is Final Addition Bonus.

Replied : 08-07-2016 20:01:51
Additional bonus payable at the time of maturity. Simple bonus accumulates for every year during policy term, while additional bonus is eligible at the time maturity.

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Wrote : 07-07-2016 18:10:32

in the premium chart for the term 25 they are showing ppt as 17 - 18 etc years as per age when the ppt is 16. pl explain for the other terms the ppt is 10 and 15 for perid 16 and 21 am confused screen shot attached.

Replied : 08-07-2016 00:27:56
For 25 year policy term the premium paying term PPT will be 16 years.

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