Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Anand (Plan No:149)

Jeevan Anand (Plan 149) Maturity Calculator, calculates maturity amount and year-wise death claim amounts in case of death. It uses year-wise bonus rate for years for which the bonus has been declared and latest bonus rate for years which bonus will be declared in future. The calculator provides associated benefits calculation on past and expected data. Please provide following details to calculate benefits of your plan. This plan has been closed for sale and New Jeevan Anand Plan (Table No: 815) is currently available.



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Wrote : 18-01-2017 20:27:23

Hi, I have bought a policy Jeevan Aanad in year 2008 and sum assured was 1 lakh with a premium of Rs. 5,345. Now I want to increase my sum assured from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. Is it possible? if yes then how? Thanks

Replied : 18-01-2017 21:05:02
Some assured inreament is not possible. You may apply for new policy.

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Wrote : 17-01-2017 14:19:36

hi sir, i have a policy which is last premium to be paid is 21/01/2016. And date of maturity is 21/01/2017. I have a doubt , that is when i claim this policy before 21/01/2017 or after 21/01/2017

Replied : 17-01-2017 15:03:59
You can visit your LIC branch with original policy bond, ID proof, cancelled cheque to claim maturity immediately.

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Wrote : 16-01-2017 20:53:39

Sir I have a one policy old jeevan Anand and sum assured is 150000 and I have paying a premium on haferly is rs 5445 and term is 16 year so I just want to know that what is the maturity amount ? And it's a tax free amount or what ..

Replied : 16-01-2017 22:04:08
Please use above calculator to calculate approx maturity. The maturity amount will be tax free.

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Wrote : 15-01-2017 17:16:40

Sir, mai jeevan Aanand table-149 '2011 se 2012 tak 3 premeum jama kiya usake bad bachche ki bimari ke vajah se jams nahi kar saka, 10990 rupees ka half yearalty tha, kya mera paisa refund milega, kyoki ab mai jama nahi kar sakata, please help

Replied : 15-01-2017 19:37:27
Surrender k liye 3 saal tak policy chalana jaruri hota h, aapka policy 3 saal tak nhi chala hai, so aapka koi surrender value nhi banata.

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Wrote : 15-01-2017 06:24:32

Hello Ravi, I greatly appreciate for your valuable suggestions. I took Jeevan Anand 149 policy in 2004 and the date of maturity is 01/13/2019. I am becoming US CITIZEN next month. Will there be any issues collecting my Maturity amount if I become US CITIZEN? I have NRE/NRO account in India and currently paying premium from NRE account. Do I need to submit my US Passport details to collect amount at maturity? Thanks for your help. - Swami

Replied : 15-01-2017 19:42:07
As per my knowledge, you can get your maturity credited to you NRE/NRO account. I am working out on it to get complete details and will let you know through email.

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Wrote : 12-01-2017 16:35:43

Dear Ravi sir Hello, I purchased old jeevan anand policy table#149 sum assured of 155000 on half yearly mode premium 5912/- rs. in 2012. Unfortunately I lose my policy documents somewhere, so now how I know about my policy term I mean till what time I should pay the premium. And how I will claim my policy after completion, please guide me as well. Thanks and Regards.

Replied : 12-01-2017 18:01:02
Do you have premium payment receipt? If you have taken the policy from an agent then you can contact him for the same or directly contact to the branch for your details.

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 19:42:16

Hi Ravi, First thanks for your wonderful services. I have taken the Jeevan Anand plan 149 policy under Term 70-21 on 28/01/2011 for Sum Assured 300000 (paying 15167 yearly) and also checked in the Policy summary report showing as Date of Maturity is on 28/01/2087 and Last Payment Date is on 28/01/2031. My doubt is that When will I get the Maturity Amount and I was 24 yrs old during the policy started time. Thanks in Advance

Replied : 11-01-2017 21:18:56
Your maturity will be available on 28-01-2032 and after maturity you will have life cover equal to sum assured for life time.

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 17:47:33

I have a Jeevan Anand policy(T NO-149), Policy Term 73 ( Premium payment term : 16), Commencement date of policy 24.05.2013. When I check online it showing maturity date: 24/05/2086. What it means? When I get maturity ?. What I get on 24.05.2029? Please explain.

Replied : 11-01-2017 21:32:48
Please use above calc for benefits, for understanding meaning of policy term and premium paying term, please read it.

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Wrote : 07-01-2017 22:01:37

Hi, I took a jeevan anand plan 149 policy 15/11/2011 with sum assured 300000 and the term is mentioned as 149/75/20 and as per the maturity calculator I will be getting an amount of around 600000 so my question is should I get this amount at the age of 45 or at the age of 100?? I am confused..please help

Replied : 07-01-2017 22:31:59
Your maturity will happen at 45 of your age.

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Wrote : 07-01-2017 19:32:20

My sister was expired on 29.07.2014 and her policy drawn on 31.12.2013 under table 149 and sum as shared was 665000. So please surest ho much claim amount cane be receivable.

Replied : 07-01-2017 20:22:49
Death claim amount will be equal to sum assured i.e. 665000.

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Wrote : 06-01-2017 14:53:23

Hi I am paying LIC Jeevan Anand 149 from 28/12/2009 , Till now i have paid 1,55,235. My Vested Bounus showing as 1,71,500. What is this Vested Bonus? is there any chance of withdrawing that Vested Bonus?

Replied : 06-01-2017 18:12:34
NO, the accumulated bonus scheduled to be paid at maturity.

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Wrote : 28-12-2016 10:30:26

Hi Ravi, i would like to appreciate your support and guidance for people. i bought jivan anand policy in 2011 and i have completed my six installments as i am paying 12224 annually. Could you tell me that if i surrender now what amount i am eligible to get or how the calculation will be . thanks.

Replied : 28-12-2016 12:24:13
What are premium paying term and sum assured of your policy?

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Wrote : 23-12-2016 18:33:06

Sir, My father maturity period is completed and we are going to home branch and apply for maturity clime. so, how many days it will be taken money will refund

Replied : 23-12-2016 20:13:19
it will take 2-3 days to get the amount credited to your account if you complete all required formalities for maturity claim.

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Wrote : 23-12-2016 15:29:35

my Lic plan,term & pre.term 149/67/16 wat is meaning 149/67/16

Replied : 25-12-2016 01:52:42
It means it is jeevan anand plan (Table- 149) and when you took this policy your age was 33(100-67) and need to pay premium for 16 years and maturity will occur on attaining age of 49(33 plus 16). After collection of maturity you will have life cover up to 100(33 plus 67) year of age.

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Wrote : 18-12-2016 11:44:10

Sir, My Father took a policy in my mother name. As per the receipt the policy name is : Endowment Assurance Policy with profit. Sum Assured: 50000 Instalment Premium: 3865 (yearly). Proposal Date: 31/12/2013 Date Of Maturity : 28/12/2029 Date of last payment : Date Of Maturity : 28/12/2028 Date Of Birth: 01/06/1962 Age: 52 Death before data of maturity = sum assured + vested bonus Surviving on date of maturity = sum assured + vested bonus Question: Here what will be the ' vested bonus' in both the cases? (Just wanted to make sure is this the right policy or the same/more return i can get using the bank FD or in other investment) Thanks in advance for your time.

Replied : 18-12-2016 16:16:45
Please use maturity calculator for approx values (SA-50000, Term-16, year of purchase-2013), it will show you bonus for your policy. This is an insurance policy, it will not return as pure investment, but if you consider its insurance and tax free maturity benefit, then it is worth having it.

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Wrote : 16-12-2016 12:53:25

I had paid 3 installments but i had not received any bonus. When and how i will receive bonus?

Replied : 16-12-2016 13:53:43
This plan is not a money back plan, accumulated bonus is paid at maturity in this plan.

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Wrote : 16-12-2016 12:00:44

Hi Ravi, I have purchased LIC Jeevan Anand (149) in 2013 for a sum assured of RS. 400000 for a period of 21 years. Using your Calculator my Maturity amount will be 8.7 Lakhs. I have 2 queries: 1. Will i get that 8.7 Lakhs completely without tax? 2. Also i am paying premium of RS. 20571 yearly, please let me know the premium which i am paying is correct? Thanks.

Replied : 16-12-2016 12:31:46
1. Yes, will be tax free.
2. If you are getting premium payment receipt of Rs. 20571, then there is no reason to doubt about premium.

Wrote : 16-12-2016 12:00:44

Thanks for your reply Ravi. I am getting the premium payment Receipt of Rs. 20571 only. But i am not sure of the calculations that how it came to Rs. 20571. I had contacted a LIC Agent 3 years back and got this policy and he asked me to pay this amount as premium. If you don't mind could you please tell me how to calculate the yearly Premium amount. Sum Assured - 400000 No of yrs - 21 Year of Purchase - 2013 Thanks.

Replied : 16-12-2016 20:28:48
There is a table which has premium rates for 1000 Rs of sum assured against each age and term permissible under that plan, for example, if premium rate for a person with age 26 and term 21 is Rs.50 per thousand of sum assured, then yearly premium for 400000 will be calculated as: 50x40000/1000.

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Wrote : 15-12-2016 21:38:27

Thanks for this beautiful and helpful tool. In regards to Jeevan Anand Plan (149), Can I deny the coverage after the maturity and instead ask to encash the relevant amount? Or can I take a loan on the sum assured after the maturity of the plan. Thanks. Please reply.

Replied : 15-12-2016 22:11:43
Yes, You can surrender your life cover after maturity or take loan.

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Wrote : 13-12-2016 16:05:25

I have invested in Plan No:149 and so far I have paid the premium of 2 lakhs, I want to know if I'm eliigible for any kind of loan here and what would be the conditions?

Replied : 14-12-2016 01:25:49
Loan is available after 3 year of full premium payment.

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Wrote : 13-12-2016 16:00:07

As per above calculator under Plan No:149, total maturity is Rs. 1326500 in year 2031. Will I get this entire amount or there will be any deduction? How much will be deducted?

Replied : 14-12-2016 01:29:51
Maturity will be tax free under section 10(10D) of income tax.

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Wrote : 12-12-2016 12:29:39

After reach age 70 year, can i get sum assured amount without normal/accidental death from policy T 149.

Replied : 12-12-2016 13:30:59
NO, it is not available at age of 70 years.

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Wrote : 03-12-2016 16:06:47

I start 2004 jeevan anand 149table plan this policy maturity is 2020 but still 180,000. I pay every six months this policy 200,000 actually next year finish but why 2020 i pay can you explain please . I need details please

Replied : 03-12-2016 18:31:14
Your question is not clear. Please try write you question clearly.

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Wrote : 01-12-2016 09:32:54

Jeevan anand 149 policy take in2012 in march 28th I am pay the premium in April 20 every year but in 2015 I am pay the premium in April 29th is there any problem tell me sir

Replied : 01-12-2016 17:04:15
Since you have paid premium, so every thing is fine. There is 30 days grace period for premium payment, if you one does not pay withing this grace period of 30 days and unfortunately death happens, then the policy will not be considered as in force policy. But there is no issue in your case.

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Wrote : 30-11-2016 22:39:47

Hi sir my brother was died before one month and he have Lic jeevan anand plan and he suside himself for that can i get accicent maturity or some other claim and he completed the premium one and half years so guide me sir

Replied : 01-12-2016 22:54:55
You need to contact your policy issuing branch for applying for claim.

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Wrote : 09-11-2016 15:09:41

Sir, Does this calculation include the Final Additional Bonus as well? Also, if I surrender the policy at the end of 3 years will I get the vested bonus for all the three years?

Replied : 10-11-2016 00:49:11
Yes, it includes FAB. if you surrender after 3 years, you will get around 35% of total paid premium.

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Wrote : 18-10-2016 13:04:57

Dear Sir, I have taken old Jeevan anand policy (149), for sum assured Rs. 500000/- and monthly premium of Rs. 2283/-. I want to know how much my family will get 1) if I died due to accedent during the policy term. 2) if I died normally during the policy term. 3) if I survive till the policy end.

Replied : 18-10-2016 14:28:14
Use above calculator (Enter SA and term) to get year-wise death benefits and survival benefits.

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Wrote : 07-10-2016 14:58:23

Sir, we have taken 15 years LIC policy. This Oct 2016, we have paid the final premium amount. When we can get the maturity amount - Immediately or after a year? pls specify the procedures for claiming.

Replied : 07-10-2016 21:22:04
Please submit NEFT mandate form to your branch.The link to download is given below.,-Please-submit-Bank-Account-Deta

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Wrote : 21-09-2016 13:29:51

Sir I have taken a policy named jeevan anand (149) in 2010 but from last 1 year I have not paid my installment premium and policy showing 30030 vested bonus so can you tell me please if I will surrender how much amount I will get.

Replied : 21-09-2016 14:11:43
Approximately, 60% of total paid.

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Wrote : 19-09-2016 23:36:04

Sir i have received many fraud call about my policy he wanted to know my policy bo and my address i but i told him only my adress.what will happen now

Replied : 20-09-2016 00:05:10
Never share policy details to any stranger. It might get misused. Since you have not share your details, you need not to worry.

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Wrote : 16-09-2016 11:50:30

sir my father purchase endowment assurance plan with profit in 28/10/1012 for sum 400000... premium payable 26857 per year i think... term is 16 and last payment date is 28/10/2027 and maturity date is 28/10/2028.. but he died on 28/05/2016... we claim amount of around 460000... but what my doubt is the amount we claimed is correct or not? kindly tell me sir

Replied : 16-09-2016 17:14:15
Its seems ok to me as you have got sum assures (400000) plus bonus for 3 years (2013, 2014 and 2015).

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