Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Anand (Plan No:149)

Jeevan Anand (Plan 149) Maturity Calculator, calculates maturity amount and year-wise death claim amounts in case of death. It uses year-wise bonus rate for years for which the bonus has been declared and latest bonus rate for years which bonus will be declared in future. The calculator provides associated benefits calculation on past and expected data. Please provide following details to calculate benefits of your plan. This plan has been closed for sale and New Jeevan Anand Plan (Table No: 815) is currently available.

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Wrote : 21-06-2018 14:01:52

The year of purchase was 2002 (Policy No. 743151617), But I could not enter this number. The menu gives 2003 as the first number

Replied : 21-06-2018 22:11:56
You may try with 2003 and adjust year of maturity by one year and you may get approx maturity amount.

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Wrote : 17-04-2018 17:31:04

whether final additional bonus , and loyalty additions will be given to jeevan anand policy on completion of premium pay term i.e. 1st maturity.

Replied : 20-04-2018 21:51:10
There is no Loyalty addition in this plan, the maturity of this plan include Sum assured + Bonus +Final Addition Bonus (if any) and it will be paid at the time of maturity.

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Wrote : 17-04-2018 13:20:36

what covers are applicable under Normal Life Cover and Accidental Life Cover

Replied : 19-04-2018 23:46:57
In case of accidental death, an additional amount equal to sum assured is also paid along with normal death claim.

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Wrote : 13-03-2018 13:07:16

Hi SIr ! I have a Jeevan Anand Policy(Table No-149/75-15) . Date of commencement is 31.05.2013 with sum assured Rs.2,30,000/- and date of last payment-28.02.2028. Quarterly I am paying Rs.4537/-. Date of Maturity showing here is -28.05.2088. But I am confused what will be my approx. 1st maturity amount with Bonus in 2028 and 2nd maturity amount with Bonus? Requesting you to wipe out my doubts.

Replied : 13-03-2018 13:32:55
Second maturity is not with bonus, it is will be equal sum assured.

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Wrote : 13-03-2018 01:11:57

Hi .. I took Jeevan Anand 149 policy . Sum Assured :5laks . Premium term :21 years .commencement :15/11/2011 . As per the above calcuator : maturity would be 1062000 and maturity will in 2032 . My question here is , as per your previous comments even after the 1st maturity .. life risk coverage of 5laks continues till my 100 years of age . Is it possible to take this life time coverage amount 5 laks as well .. as I don’t want to get this life coverage . Please advise. Thanks in advance .

Replied : 13-03-2018 13:39:07
You can surrender your risk cover but 100% of sum assured will not be returned and it will depend upon age at the time of surrender.

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Wrote : 17-02-2018 12:04:56

Respected sir, My jivan anand policy 149 plan wil already mature in dec 2017 and credited in my account. i want to know that can i withdraw 50% of sum assured amount after maturity as i wil not contionue my policy after policy paying term and maturity.

Replied : 18-02-2018 11:07:46
What is your present age?

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Wrote : 30-01-2018 17:14:49

Please let me know how change the Nominee for Jeevan Anand Policy (149).

Replied : 31-01-2018 00:02:42
Please visit your branch with policy document.

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Wrote : 08-01-2018 18:11:01

Sir/Madam, I got confused with new dates in new website. I ahve bought 149(Jeevan Anand) policy in 2012 for 20 years. and sum assured is 400000. Date of maturity its showing as 2087. Can you please help me with details about when will i receive my bonus and sum assured amount? and when can i withdraw that? And what might be the approximate bonus amount? And Life insurenace will be valid till what date?

Replied : 09-01-2018 10:55:28
The similar queries have been answered in the comments below, please go these these and in case of any further query, please write query.

Wrote : 17-02-2018 17:51:53

this policy has a benefit of insurance even after the policy is matured. so the maximum age is displayed until which your insurance will be covered even after the maturity.

Replied : 18-02-2018 11:01:27
After maturity, risk cover will be available up to 100 years of age. If policy holder survives 100years of age, then he can take risk cover amount i.e. basic sum assured himself.

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Wrote : 08-01-2018 18:02:56

I have taken policy plan 149 in 2006 and paying quarterly. My plan-Term says 149-67 what does this means, how many years I should pay the premium. Pls. clarify.

Replied : 09-01-2018 11:06:48
There will be premium paying term also, it will be like 149-67-xx, where xx will your premium paying term which means you have to pay premium for xx number of years and maturity will happen after xx years. Policy holder's age will be 37 years at the time of taking the policy. After maturity (after xx number of years), this plan will continue to provide life cover equal to basic sum assured up to 100 (37+67) years of age without further premium payment. Life cover means, in case of death after maturity, policy holder's nominee will get sum assured apart from maturity amount received earlier.

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Wrote : 04-01-2018 21:08:02

Hi Sir I have policy with sum assured as 30000 with premium paying term as 16 and policy term as 72. It shows me that the maturity date is 2083 however I just pay for 16 years. Will my family get money only at the death ? or will i get something at the end of 16 years Regards

Replied : 04-01-2018 21:15:20
You will get maturity after 16 years provided all premiums have been paid and after maturity, in case of death your family will get sum assured (risk cover, it is also called life time risk cover) which will be other than maturity received earlier.

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Wrote : 28-12-2017 14:49:29

Sir/Madam, I got confused with new dates in new website. I ahve bought 149(Jeevan Anand) policy in 2011 for 25 years. and sum assured is 500000. At the ag eof 26 i took this policy and my date of last payemnt is 2035. where as date of maturity its showing as 2085. Can you please help me with details about when will i receive my bonus and sum assured amount? and when can i withdraw that? And what might be the approximate bonus amount? And Life insurenace will be valid till what date?

Replied : 28-12-2017 17:05:15
Please go through below comments, similar queries have been replied.

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Wrote : 26-12-2017 11:06:11

my policy's,Commencement date: 25/05/2011 and the term is for 25 years, but it seems that the new portal has messed it , i want to know how can i get the changes done, as the date of maturity is showing in 2087

Replied : 26-12-2017 12:05:39
There are two terms in this policy:
1. Premium premium term on completion of which you will receive 1st maturity.
2. Policy term( which will complete in 2087 in your case) after which will you will receive 2nd maturity.
3. In case of death between 1st maturity (2036) and 2nd maturity (2087) your nominee will get sum assured as death claim.
Please read comments below, it has been explained in many queries.

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Wrote : 18-12-2017 16:14:07

After maturity, can I withdraw the whole maturity amount i.e. sum assured +bonus? and still the life cover equal will remain intact?

Replied : 18-12-2017 23:11:11
Yes, after maturity, this policy provides risk cover eqaul to sum assured up to 100 years of age.

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Wrote : 23-11-2017 21:21:47

Could you please clarify on Jeevan Anand (149) policy? the new website is making panic all policy holders due to "Pay premium Term" vs "Policy Term" along with Maturity date. My policy commencement date is "Dec 18th, 2007" for 18 years Premium Paying Term. But policy term is showing as "66" with Maturity date of "Dec 12 2073" which doesnt make any sense. As per your blog, I should get sum + bonus amount of 10,96,200 Rupees anytime after Dec 20th, 2025. Is it correct? i understand that remaining 6 laks will be provided to my nominiee if anything happened to me after Dec 20th, 2025. Correct both.

Replied : 24-11-2017 01:55:35
Yes, you got it correct. Please note that maturity amount shown on this blog is approx.

Wrote : 24-11-2017 07:58:35

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I appreciate

Wrote : 02-12-2017 13:35:03

Thanks for your quick response

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Wrote : 12-11-2017 12:50:06

We have Jeevan Anand Policy (149) which is fully paid up. Paying Term 10 years, sum assured 1,00,000, Policy Term 58 years, commencement in 2008 ? Can some one suggest what does it mean? Does Maturity amount will be received only in 2066?

Replied : 12-11-2017 17:34:48
Your policy will mature in year 2018 and from 2018 to 2058, you will have life cover of 1,00,000, means, in case of death any time after 2018, nominee will get another 1,00,000.

Wrote : 24-11-2017 17:15:36

Thanks for your information . New website changes make panic to all policy holders for jeevan anand plan 149 . Now understood the plan after explanation

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Wrote : 04-11-2017 12:20:23

Hi, My Sum assured is 500,000 and the maturity is in 2029. Query: If on maturity, I withdraw the whole amount, which is app 1029000, will the life cover still be on. Also, in case of death after maturity and if I have also withdrawn the maturity amount, will there be any cover?

Replied : 05-11-2017 17:09:15
After 2029, you will not have to pay premium and you will have life time risk cover equal to 5,00,000.

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Wrote : 03-11-2017 22:09:05

My policy question what 149/71/18

Replied : 06-11-2017 10:26:13
It means your table is 149, premium paying term is 18 year and policy term is 71 years. You have to pay premium for for 18years and maturity will happen after 18 years. And after 18 year premium payment will stop and life cover shall continue up to 100 years of age.

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Wrote : 30-10-2017 17:37:58

Hi, My sum assured is Rs. 1,00,000/- and premium paying term is 15 years are completed on 28/08/2017, whereas its reflecting as date of maturity is 2057 and my date of commencement is 25/02/2003, please clarify what are the benefits and when can i take out the amount? Is there a possibility of bonus availability immediately or how can I get back the money soon, Thanks in advance.

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Wrote : 19-10-2017 17:05:59

My sum assured is Rs. 1,00,000/- and premium paying term is 12 years whereas its reflecting as date of maturity is 2062 and date of commencement is 28/08/2007, As per the above calculator 2019 its completing and from 2020 its gibing Normal Life Cover and Accidental Life Cover. I won't get money in hand on 2020? Is it possible to get the money back with bonus on the year 2020?

Replied : 19-10-2017 23:13:18
You will get maturity as sum assured + bonus in 2019 and after that you will have life cover.

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Wrote : 09-10-2017 20:14:42

Yes. You are right. Jeevan Anand (Table-149) will be covered life long accidental befits after your maturity too untill your age 100. Don't worry. Don't look at this maturity year for this particular policy.

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Wrote : 05-10-2017 12:20:38

Hi, My sum assured is Rs. 1,00,000/- and premium paying term is 16 years whereas its reflecting as date of maturity is 2086 and date of commencement is 28/10/2013, please clarify till what period i have to pay the premium amount and after that what are the benefits and when can i take out the amount? Thanks.

Replied : 05-10-2017 12:34:01
You have to pay premium for 16 years please use above calculator for approx benefits.

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Wrote : 21-09-2017 12:49:04

Hi Sir, I have Jeevan Anand Plan 149. D.O.C - 27/08/2009 ; yearly Premium - 1 Lac . I have got 21 such policies. I dont know how to find how many years i have to pay premium.Can you please help.

Replied : 21-09-2017 22:39:50
You can find the premium paying term yourself, try to find group of numbers in 149-XX-YY format indicated on your policy documnets, YY in the said pattern will be your premium paying term.

Wrote : 25-09-2017 15:17:30

Thanks Sir. Just curious to know whether the final sum assured amount is taxable.If so,how many percentage?

Replied : 25-09-2017 20:23:21
It will be tax free in most of the cases. What is your sum assured and yearly premium and when was the policy baught?

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Wrote : 19-09-2017 18:59:33

Hi, my policy is Jeevan Anand ( Plan 149). My policy benefit is 5,00,000. Commencement Date is 21/01/2013. My policy term shows as 77 yrs and my current paying term is 21 yrs. Date of maturity shows as 21/01/2090. So still how many years should i pay the premium and when does the policy mature so i can withdrawn the matured amount ?

Replied : 19-09-2017 19:28:46
You need to pay premium for 21 years and maturity will be available after 21 (year 2034) year and from 2034 to 2090 you will have life cover equal to sum assured.

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Wrote : 16-09-2017 08:05:27

For my Jeevan anand(plan 149) policy, commencement date is 23.05.10 and premium paying term is 30 years while policy term is 77. Can u plz help with the date of maturity and till what date my policy would be in effect

Replied : 16-09-2017 12:31:42
Your maturity will occur in year 2040.

Wrote : 16-09-2017 12:50:48

But in website it's written maturity in 2087. So will my policy matures with bonus and SA in 2040 (end of paying term) while my policy is enforce with coverage upto SA till 2087?? I may send a screenshot if required

Replied : 16-09-2017 13:57:07
Yes, after maturity in 2040, you will have life cover upto 2087. In case of survival up to 2087, the risk cover can be collected by yourself as second matuirty.

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Wrote : 14-09-2017 13:42:18

Hi, Your policy would be only until 55 years. However this policy also provides coverage until the death of the primary holder which means you would get your sum assured + Bonus + final Bouns at the end of the your last premium year. After that this policy would cover the Policy holder for the same sum assured until his / her death ( 100 years) without any premium.

Wrote : 15-09-2017 18:55:20

My father policy sum assured 2 lake My father is Dead what will be the amount given to the nominee

Replied : 15-09-2017 21:08:16
What is premium term of the policy?

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Wrote : 08-09-2017 19:04:35

I have taken a policy from agent as she & her father was actually begging to sell it. But she was totally fool and beggar that she dint realized that she filed my policy with term of 74 years (maturity in 2084). Whereas I found that Plan 149 doesn't allow Policy term more than 55 years(considering age of insured as 18 while entering). Now that agent & the beggar father are not available. is there any way to correct or stop is nonsense? Age : 26 Yrs Commencement date: 28/05/2010 Policy Benefits: Jeevan Anand (Plan-149) Policy Term: 74 Years

Replied : 08-09-2017 22:07:21
As per your details, you will get second maturity in 2084, your premium paying term will be lesser than 55 for sure, please check. You have to pay premium for the years equal to Premium Paying Term and after completion of premium paying term, you will get maturity.

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Wrote : 03-09-2017 00:35:16

Hi, I have taken New Jeevan Anand policy in 2015 with sum assured of 2625000 and premium of 122000 annually. Return comes out 6.2% on recurring but problem is how to calculate Maturity Amount? Even LIC don't write on website. Agent has written 70L rs after 25 years but based on LIC calculation ( Sum assured + Bonus) it comes out very less as bonus declared is 49rs. Please help if I should continue it or I will get atleast 70L+.

Replied : 03-09-2017 20:15:43
Since it is a bonus based plan where bonus keeps accumulating for each policy year and paid along with sum assured at maturity. Please use above calculator it is based on past bonus rates. Final amount can only be calculated at maturity but declared bonus for past policy year can be considered as guaranteed.

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Wrote : 29-08-2017 09:21:58

Hi myself Subha is here actually I want to know about my plan 149 Jeevan Anand. what will be the maturity value, last premium date, my age at the time of maturity, when can i withdraw the amount & other necessary details. Below are the details of my policy:- Commencement Date: 27/08/2013 Policy Term: 72 Yrs Policy Benefits: 2,20,000 My Age at the time of policy open: 28 Yrs

Replied : 29-08-2017 11:00:26
What is your premium paying term?

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Wrote : 28-08-2017 21:08:10

I have jeegan Anand policy- table 149. Purchased in 2009. Sum assured is 130000. Duration is 15 years. Only two premiums alone I paid. I am now not in position to pay premium current/arrears. Is it possible to surrender my policy and get the amount which I have paid. (Rs.20138).

Replied : 29-08-2017 11:07:20
For surrender, policy must have continued for at least 3 years.

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Wrote : 28-08-2017 19:59:50

sir i have jeevan anand (149) old policy, purchased in 2012. i am unable to pay premium for FY 2017-2018 not even during the grace period of 30 days , but i will pay after grace period. How will it effect the policy maturity value. how much of fine or interest do i need to pay

Replied : 29-08-2017 13:11:03
After grace period, policy's risk cover will not be in full force but you can pay your premium after grace period and continue your policy, maturity value will not be affected.

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