Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Anand (Plan No:149)

Jeevan Anand (Plan 149) Maturity Calculator, calculates maturity amount and year-wise death claim amounts in case of death. It uses year-wise bonus rate for years for which the bonus has been declared and latest bonus rate for years which bonus will be declared in future. The calculator provides associated benefits calculation on past and expected data. Please provide following details to calculate benefits of your plan. This plan has been closed for sale and New Jeevan Anand Plan (Table No: 815) is currently available.

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Wrote : 17-07-2017 11:26:18

I have taken a jeevan anand policy of my father in jan 2011. Now he is no more (2017). What are the benefits will given. The policy is of 2,00,000/-.

Replied : 17-07-2017 23:32:29
Sorry to here about your father. What was the term of policy. Approx death claim amount will be around 3 to 3.25 lakhs.

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Wrote : 17-07-2017 10:26:27

Hi I have a simple query. I have Jeevan Anand(149) policy with annual premium of Rs. 14,026.00/- with Commencement Date 02/07/2011 Premium Paying Term is 16 Yrs i.e. I need to pay my premium till 2026 So my first query is:- 1. Will I be getting my matured amount of Rs. 348200(as calculated by calculator provided) in 2026 year only 2. After 2026, I need not pay anything and I will still be covered upto SA 2,00,000 till 2089(which is my Date of Maturity) Please let me know if my understanding is correct for both these queries

Replied : 17-07-2017 17:37:30
Yes, you understand it correctly, please note calulated amount is base on passed data, so it might increase or decrease

Wrote : 17-07-2017 17:43:33

Hi Thank you for the reply I have one more query... I need to change my nominee What is the procedure for that?

Replied : 17-07-2017 23:21:11
Please visit your policy issuing branch with policy document with id proofs of self and nominee.

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Wrote : 12-07-2017 19:56:49

PREMIUM EVERY YEAR = 30844 Maturity Year 2027 Age at Maturity 46 Sum Assured (A) 425000 Bonus (Approx) (B) 269025 Total Maturity (A+B) 694025 ============ but my point why like this that SA is less than what I am actually depositing at end of 15 years i.e. 30844 x 15 = 462660..... wheras Sum Assured = 425000 The Bonus is only the benefit, Sum Assured to anybody must be greater than what he/she is giving.. Pls clarify

Replied : 13-07-2017 20:31:41
Please read this article to get your answer.

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Wrote : 09-07-2017 20:28:40

I have purchased Jeevan Anand Policy plan 149 on 09/09/2013. The LIC website shows the premium paying term as 15 years and Date of maturity as 09/09/2075. After premium paying term ie, 15 years, am i eligible for the sum assured immediately? or do I have to wait for 2075? My total premium payment will be 128700 for 15 years. Is this policy is really beneficial?

Replied : 09-07-2017 23:44:11
Your maturity will happen in year 2028 and from 2028 to 2075, you will have life cover equal to sum assured. Your maturity will be sum assured +bonus.

Wrote : 10-07-2017 16:07:24

Thank you very much for your swift reply

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Wrote : 08-07-2017 11:40:05

Hi Sir, Is there any possibility to withdraw the normal life cover once my 21 policy get expires by not extending it to 100 years or so? If so, what percentage of it can I get?

Replied : 08-07-2017 12:39:47
Yes, You can surrender your life cover post maturity and amount will be % of sum assured which will depend upon duration after maturity and age at surrender. we do not have exact data that what will percentage.

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Wrote : 30-06-2017 18:53:58

Sir, I bought Jeevan Anand 149 policy in the year of 2011 for 15 years. Recently i have checked in the LIC website and in which it is mentioned that the maturity year is 2082 and the last payment is 2026. when will I get the maturity amount? kindly clarify.

Replied : 30-06-2017 22:33:21
Your maturity will happen in 2026-27 and from year 2026-27 to 2082, you will have life cover equal to sum assured. If you survive till 2082, then you can take second maturity in year 2082 yourself. In case of death before 2082 and after 2026-27, your nominee will get death claim which will be equal to Sum assured.

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Wrote : 31-05-2017 12:41:23

I have taken 149 plan in Feb/2009. Kindly share the table for maturity & risk covers . Pls DOB:06/08/1986

Replied : 31-05-2017 22:14:35
Please use above calculator for approx values.

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Wrote : 27-05-2017 20:59:25

Sir, i have purchased jeevan anand policy plan 149 on 17 mar 2009 with sum assured 100000 for 10 yrs. As per the caluclator i will get maturity amt in 2019 which is132000 (100000 + 32000 bonus) but I have 1 doubt for 10 yrs I paid 119840 so I think it will be 119840 + bonus amt. ,kindly help me to get this understand.

Replied : 27-05-2017 22:54:02
You should get approx 1,32,000, as maturity and after matuirty there will be life time of cover of 1,00,000 without paying any premium. In jeevan anand, maturity is sum assured + bonus not total paid premium + bonus.

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Wrote : 06-05-2017 19:54:46

Dear Sir, Thanks for the calculator and information. I have a query: I have a Jeevan Anand poliocy with profits and with accident benefit (as per my agent's words). The sum assured is Rs.4.00 lacs and the term is 149-53-21. Date of commencement is March 2012. According to your calculator, the approximate maturity value I will be getting during March 2033 is Rs.8,50,000/- (I understand that this amount will vary as per bonus every year). My year of birth is 1965 and hence the policy maturity year as shown as 2065. I will get insurance cover till 2065 - without paying premium after 2032 - IF ONLY I don't surrender the policy in 2033 to get the maturity amount. Am I correct? Or, even after getting the maturity amount in 2033, I will covered by LIC free of cost till 2065? (Sounds pretty good, but am I dreaming?) Please clarify. Thanks & regards,

Replied : 06-05-2017 21:25:28
You will get maturity on completion of 21 years (in 2033) and no premiums will require from 2033 onward and you will have life cover up to 100 year of age (year 2065).

Wrote : 13-05-2017 22:24:30

Thank you so much for the reply. Good to note about the extended cover offered by LIC. Your website is really useful. Thanks again and best wishes.

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Wrote : 30-04-2017 10:52:35

I have Jeevan Anand - 149, SA Assured INR 30,00,000, premium term 30 years and term 72 years. I have questions similar to others , how much do I get on maturity (I am assuming I will get the approximately amount that shows in the maturity calculator) and what will I get after the remaining 42 years (72-30). I have requested earlier too if someone can explain on call it will be very helpful. Also, how can I avail the rebate in online premium payment. Will I get both the rebates as mentioned below? The Rebates are of 2 types, Sum assured rebate Mode rebate Sum assured rebate: 10 lakh and above RS 1.75 lakh per 1000 Sum assured Mode rebate: Mode Percentage Yearly mode 3% of tabular premium

Replied : 01-05-2017 16:19:05
1. For remaining 42 years (from age 58-100 years), you will have life cover equal to 30 Lakh, it means in case of death during this period (58-100 years of age), your nominee will get 30Lakh as death claim or if you survive 100 years, then you can collect 30Lakh yourself.
2. Both rebates are already applied automatically in your premium calculation i.e. premium paid by you are after these rebates.

Wrote : 01-05-2017 16:30:56

Thank you for your revert. To confirm, after 30 years from the time of policy starting, i.e., at maturity I will get the amount that is reflecting in the maturity calculator. The 30 lakhs that I will get in the remaining 42 years (if I survive or to my nominee in case of my death) is in addition to the amount reflecting in the maturity calculator.

Replied : 03-05-2017 00:04:02
The calculator uses declared bonus rates for those year for which bonus has been already declared and latest bonus for those years for which rates will be declared in coming years, so maturity amount is approx and final amount can only be calculated at the time of maturity. Please use above calculator and click on bonus value in the result, you will know how final amount has been calculated.

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Wrote : 27-04-2017 16:40:16

sir,i have paid all my 13 premiums for jeevan anand policy starting from 01/01/2005 for sum assured 100000. the last premium was paid on 01/01/2017. I am supposed to get my matuirty amount in the first week of jan 2018 what will be my matuirty amount

Replied : 27-04-2017 16:43:39
Please use above calculator.

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Wrote : 27-04-2017 16:34:38

sir,i have paid all my 13 premiums for jeevan anand policy starting from 01/01/2005 for sum assured 100000. the last premium was paid on 01/01/2017. I am supposed to get my matuirty amount in the first week of jan 2018 what will be my matuirty amount

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Wrote : 20-04-2017 14:47:25

Hi, Please classify period of payment for below policy details, we are confused in 16 Years or 20 years: Policy name : Jeevan Anand 149 Sum Assured : 1000000 year of policy : 2013 maturity : dont know policy term : 76 Amount quarterly: 10200

Replied : 22-04-2017 00:06:20
Please look for details in 149-76-xx pattern on you policy document, the value of xx will be your premium paying term, first maturity will happen after completion of this premium paying term and 2nd maturity will happen at 100 years of age.

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Wrote : 17-04-2017 17:33:42

Hi, Please classify period of payment for below policy details, we are confused in 11 Years or 16 years: Policy name : Jeevan Anand 149 Sum Assured : 100000 year of policy : 2005 maturity : 2021

Replied : 17-04-2017 18:11:49
It should be 16.

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Wrote : 14-04-2017 19:55:17

hello sir mera quesstion ye hai .... mere father ki jo LIC thi .... but unka maturity period pura nhi hua ......or unki death ho gyi ... to kya hame unka LIC ki maturity amount milegi

Replied : 14-04-2017 21:37:21
Yes, agar unhone apna premium time to time pay kia?

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Wrote : 07-04-2017 04:58:57

Hi Ravi, Subhash is here actually I want to know that my plan 149 Jeevan Anand which one I purchased in 2010 for 21 years and sum assured is 300000. in ECS mode now my query is may I deposit my extra amount in policy. If I can deposit the amount then it is add on sum assured or not. If it is not add on sum assured then how can I get benefits. Please suggest me and your response is appreciated.

Replied : 07-04-2017 09:24:48
You have to take new policy. You cannot make more payment than specified amount against a particular policy.

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Wrote : 05-04-2017 19:27:56

Mine is Jeevan Anand T .No 149 Policy and it is a Endowment & Pension Policy, I want to know that once the Policy is Matured , will i get the complete Maturity amount in a single Payment or will it be paid on Monthly basis as pension ?

Replied : 06-04-2017 13:46:32
As per plan 149 feature, maturity will be paid as a single amount but you contact your LIC branch to get pension plan against maturity amount.

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Wrote : 05-04-2017 12:01:34

my premium payment finished on 31.3.2017 when will get my mony &how much

Replied : 05-04-2017 13:13:28
Maturity depend on sum assured and term of the policy. Please find term and sum assured of your policy on policy document and use above calculator for approx maturity

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Wrote : 20-03-2017 18:41:00


Replied : 20-03-2017 19:55:27
Thanks for sharing your maturity value, above calculator calculates maturity as 136200, that is 600 less, Difference of 600 is due Golden jublee bonus. Kindly tell your policy number, we will let you know the surrender value.

Wrote : 21-03-2017 11:39:30

MY JIWAN ANAND POLICY 149 TABLE IS 11513xxxx AND DOB IS 15.11.1951

Replied : 21-03-2017 14:26:58
In case of surrender, the approx surrender value will be 45,000.

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Wrote : 05-03-2017 19:16:13

HI Mr.Ravi you explained everything in calculator in table form , i hv small query as you are showing this policy risk cover will be continue after maturity but the question is this "after taken matured amount the risk cover will be continue for life or not???"

Replied : 05-03-2017 20:23:33
After receiving maturity, risk cover/life cover equal to sum assured, will continue for life time.

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Wrote : 05-03-2017 13:39:19

My jeewan anand policy will get matured in 2023. do i need to pay the premium afterwards also to avail the risk cover benefits. Please reply

Replied : 05-03-2017 13:52:36
No, You do not have to pay premium after maturity.

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Wrote : 04-03-2017 17:04:49

Sir,I am policy holder of jivan anand from Nov 2013.I used to pay my premium through online by customer registration id.I want to know regarding 10%discount premium because of online payment.

Replied : 04-03-2017 20:17:57
10% discount is not applicable to this plan as well as on renewals.

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Wrote : 03-03-2017 20:54:21

Hi ravi, I had purchased the same jeevan Anand (149) policy in year 2009 in the month of June when i was @ 23 age and maturity is for 16 years. The sum assured is 5 lkhs and the premium is 36,000 p.a. what can be the maturity amount ? and In specific how the bonus is calculated in this policy? Regards, Suresh

Replied : 03-03-2017 20:58:41
Every thing explained in the above calculator's result, please use it. For how bonus is calculated, please click on bonus amount in the calculator's result.

Wrote : 05-03-2017 12:01:40

Is it the exact or approximate returns that is calculated by the calculator? Is it suggestible to take another policy of this kind (new Jeevan ) for 25 or 30 years with S.A = 5,00,000/- ? or should i go for a different policy like Ulip ?? Regards, Suresh

Replied : 05-03-2017 13:21:08
The return is approximate. I would suggest to have adequate life (at least 10 times of yearly income) cover and term insurance is advisable. If could share your investment objective, then I can suggest further.

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Wrote : 01-03-2017 23:53:58

i got this Jeevan Anand policy in 2013 with Rs.13,50,000/- as some assured for 30 years ... how much amount will i get at maturity.

Replied : 01-03-2017 23:55:30
Please use above calculator, it will illustrate all approx. benefits.

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Wrote : 20-02-2017 01:55:26

Respected Ravi Sir, Does Old Jeevan Anand-149 policy gets FAB at the time of maturity? Where is the slab for Calculating FAB? Your kind reply is appreciated. thank you

Replied : 20-02-2017 12:38:01
FAB is applicable in policies with greater than 15 year term.

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Wrote : 17-02-2017 23:10:52

Hello sir.meri policy old Jeevan Aanand Maine 2013 me start ki.isme term 75 show ho rha hai.iska SA 200000 HAI.mai kab tak iska premium pay Kru ki ye lapes na hai..AUR maturity amount kaise calculate Kru??Term Kya Hoga is policy ka??

Replied : 17-02-2017 23:23:04
Policy lete time aapki age kya thi?

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Wrote : 14-02-2017 15:36:33

Very Informative.

Wrote : 15-02-2017 16:20:28

I am having this policy since 2011, but till date i did't understand that the same in details like this. Thanks for your details provided to me. very helpfull. Please let me know i have policy in the name of my child- Child carer policy 184 plan. Please send the same to calculate the same. Raju Phanade.

Replied : 15-02-2017 20:25:55
Please go through Jeevan Tarun 834 child plan, example, premium and maturity calculator is available on this site. You may also look for jeevan lakshay plan 833 for this purpose.

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Wrote : 07-02-2017 22:01:50

Hi, Thanks for this wonderful calculator. Do you have similar calculator for "Jeevan Saral" or can I use this for Jeevan Saral as well? Thanks, Divesh

Replied : 07-02-2017 22:52:34
No, we haven't published maturity calculator for jeevan saral. Jeevan Saral is completely different than this plan.
Link: Jeevan Saral Maturity Calculator

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Wrote : 06-02-2017 08:39:30

Hello sir, Greetings. I'm having old Jeevan Anand policy.. Purchased in 2004 and get mature in 2020.. half yearly premium RS 3669. My doubt is will I get any amount for every six month after maturity... Please clarify.

Replied : 06-02-2017 23:51:17
After 20 years, this policy will provode maturity amount and you can opt maturity settlement option which will provide your maturity amount in monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly mode for fix number of years.

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Wrote : 04-02-2017 17:41:47

Normal Risk Cover and Accidental Risk Cover (up to 70 years) continue even after maturity. Following table provides details of year-wise risk cover . I have a doubt about this matter , can I surrender for this before 70 year

Replied : 04-02-2017 19:16:25
Yes, you can surrender your policy any time after maturity.

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