Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Labh (Plan No:836)

Maturity Calculator for LIC Jeevan Labh (Plan No: 836) provides easy way to calculate maturity amount and illustrate Age-Wise and Year-Wise amount of risk covers. It uses Parameter like Bonus rate, Final Addition Bonus (FAB) etc which are similar to declared values, not exact and calculations are indicative only. Click here to know about this plan.

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Wrote : 17-04-2018 11:19:51

can I surrender the policy, which I purchased last year March 2017.

Replied : 19-04-2018 23:41:15
No, Surrender is allowed only after full premium payments for at least 3 years.

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Wrote : 08-11-2017 11:46:39

Can we take the same policy for e.g. New Jeevan Anand for more than one time. Could you please tell whether we will get all the benefits for the same policy twice or not especially lifetime risk cover.

Replied : 08-11-2017 17:18:52
Yes, you can take more than once. All you need is to disclose details of policies issues in the past.

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Wrote : 23-10-2017 16:33:31

Hello, This maturity calculator says that, in case of death during policy term , u will be eligible to get the Sum assured + Bonus +Final additional bonus. In this case if someone take policy of SA 2500000 with 21 year plan, Then if death happen in next year , is that means the final amount would be 2500000+ Bonus+2735000 = ie. more than 50 lac. is it true ?

Replied : 23-10-2017 19:28:52
No, it is not like that. If death happens next year to purchase year, then death claim will be sum assured + bonus for 1 year( not for 21 years). Final Addition bonus is applicable in case claim due to maturity or death provided policy has completed 15 years

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Wrote : 15-10-2017 20:34:16

Kya jeevan anand me AGR maturity milne k bad hm 70 sal k age k bad phir se sum assured nikal skte h kya

Replied : 16-10-2017 20:35:52
Nikal nahi sakte, but surrender kar sakte hain. Surrender value sum assured amount se kam hoga.

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Wrote : 19-09-2017 16:41:47

Maturity Ammout is tax free????

Replied : 19-09-2017 19:23:05
Yes, maturity will be tax free u/s 10(10D)

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Wrote : 01-08-2017 22:48:28

Is in Jeevan Labh policy there Accidental & disability rider available ?

Replied : 02-08-2017 01:49:26
Yes, You can take Accidental Death & disability Benefit (AD & DB) rider with Jeevan Labh.

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Wrote : 05-07-2017 11:19:26

I am planning to take LIC Jeevan Labh in the coming month. My age is 31. I was told by LIC agent as an example that if I pay 1 Lakh as a premium for 12 years I would receive 28 Lakhs after 12 years. This amount is tax free. Is this correct?? What are the returns on this? Please explain....

Replied : 05-07-2017 13:28:35
Jeevan Labh Policy does not have 12 years term. It is has policy term as 15, 21 and 25 only.

Wrote : 25-07-2017 00:35:30

Dear Rahul, If you want to plan for Insurance, please call me.

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Wrote : 03-05-2017 16:14:38

What premium paying term for 25 year policy term for maturity amount 32lakh and what is the premium for that?

Replied : 03-05-2017 19:07:01
32Lakh is maturity or sum assured? Age is also required to calculate premium.

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Wrote : 30-03-2017 20:29:41

Plan 836 same as like jeevan labh, in sbi wealth builder plan explained by sbi agent. now i am confused with the both. how to choose one among them

Replied : 30-03-2017 22:57:33
I am not aware of SBI's weath builder plan, if you want any information on Jeevan jeevan, please ask. You may use planner of this plan to generate approx illustration as per your investment, age and term.

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Wrote : 27-03-2017 21:15:36

what is the difference between jeevan anand & jeevan labh policies.Which one is better?

Replied : 28-03-2017 13:03:18
Following are main differences between New Jeevan Anand (815) and Jeevan Labh (836)

New Jeevan Anand (815)Jeevan Labh (836)
Any term between 15 to 35 YearsRestricted Policy Term (16, 21 & 25 only)
Equal Policy Term & Premium Paying TermLimited Premium Paying Term
(e.g. 10 year premium paying term for 16 year policy term)
Death claim : 125% of SA + Bonus +FABDeath claim : SA + Bonus +FAB
Lifetime cover equal to Sum Assured after MaturityNo life cover after maturity

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Wrote : 26-03-2017 12:46:36

I want to buy a JEEVAN LABH policy before 31st March 2017, but I am not in my parent city where my agent can I book a policy online with my agents's code.

Replied : 26-03-2017 13:27:57
As per my information, online booking is not available at present.

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Wrote : 11-02-2017 15:12:44

one month back i opened an LIC by an agent and i have policy number but not able to register.

Replied : 11-02-2017 16:23:03
What are the issues you are facing? You need to enter premium without service tax.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 15:35:34

the MAIN OBJECTIVE of a life insurance is gauranteed return but in this plain no gauranteed return than why should it to be taken by anyone.

Replied : 28-01-2017 17:26:40
The Sum Assured is guaranteed and bonus is declared year-wise, once it is declared for a year, it is also guaranteed. Bonus is declared for each policy year.

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Wrote : 23-01-2017 12:24:29

If i invest in SIP, maturity amount will be same on basis of 12% return. In SIP I have benefit to stop at any time and to withdraw at any time. Also disadvantage no insurance there. Overall SIP gives 15 to 20 % return if more then 10 years investment so in your policy no such benefit shown. Insurance benefit is here but return is very low.

Replied : 23-01-2017 12:29:01
Thanks for your insights, it will definitely help customers to consider these aspects while planning insurance and investment.

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Wrote : 17-01-2017 16:45:12

In Jeevan labh plan maturity benefit is not guaranteed then how does maturity benefit is calculating.?

Replied : 17-01-2017 16:53:01
As the maturity is main feature of this plan, so it important project expected maturity amount. This calculator uses latest bonus declared to calculate expected maturity.

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Wrote : 04-12-2016 17:48:03

Hi, I am 33 years old. I want to take 3 lac SA. What premium I have to pay and after 25 years what would I get because your maturity calculator showing maturity amount something unacceptable.

Replied : 04-12-2016 18:37:31
Yearly Premium will be 14474 (excluding service tax) which is required to be paid for 16 years and maturity will be available after 35 years. Calculator is showing approx maturity, what is unacceptable about it, please elaborate.

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Wrote : 29-10-2016 20:10:34

If I prefer this Plan for 2500000 /25 policy terms and unfortunatly I cannot continue after 5 years and what will be the future of my policy ? How much return will I get back.

Replied : 31-10-2016 11:06:16
There will be two possibilities in that case, you can surrender your policy after 5 years and you will receive 50-60% of total premium paid or you can stop paying premium and leave as paid up and your sum assured will be reduced by 5/16 and benefits as per reduced will be remain in force. 5 is year for which premiums have been paid and 16 is total number of years for which premiums to be paid.

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Wrote : 25-10-2016 17:34:51


Replied : 25-10-2016 22:45:56
There was some error and the same has been corrected. Please use for approx benefit details.

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Wrote : 16-09-2016 17:02:17

What is better(LIC or pli/rpli).

Replied : 16-09-2016 19:34:54
Please read this comparison between LIC and PLI.

Wrote : 06-03-2017 21:50:58

as of now returns/Maturity amount is more in PLI only compare to LIC.., But, in this policy, death/ Accidental benefit is higher...

Replied : 06-03-2017 22:07:36
PLI does not have accidental rider kind of thing, that is why accidental death claim is high in case of LIC.

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Wrote : 05-07-2016 18:44:00

I want a policy for investment purpose , not for insurance purpose, so what would be the best plan for me. age 28 yrs.

Replied : 05-07-2016 23:16:38
If your not looking for insurance then you go for SIP, RD, FD, PPF etc.

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Wrote : 14-06-2016 17:26:32

Dear Sir, Jeevan Labh give 100% guaranteed returns on maturity and normal risk cover also guaranteed? OR it's just assuming? Regards

Replied : 16-06-2016 15:19:01
Returns are expected and sum assured part of normal life cover is guaranteed.

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Wrote : 01-06-2016 00:07:11

I age is 32 and I have 2.5 year old daughter. Please suggest me the best plan among Jeevan Labh and Jeevan Lakshya, which one best for me?.

Replied : 02-06-2016 09:56:42
I personally recommend jeevan lakshay in case of girl child.

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Wrote : 28-05-2016 21:09:31

This is a best policy

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Wrote : 16-04-2016 00:33:57

If age is 34 Premium is 1000000 Premium payment term 10 year and policy term is 16 After 16 year , how manny maturity benefit For me Plz tell me...

Replied : 16-04-2016 11:36:00
Use above maturity calculator for approx maturity value.

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Wrote : 15-04-2016 12:00:35

How jeevan labh is better than ppf? In ppf i am getting return of 8.1 ??? yearly and in jeevan labh it is 6.7. ???.

Replied : 15-04-2016 17:56:54
PPF is a long term saving plan while endowment plans are insurance with savings, so it cannot be simply compared on the basis of interest rate.

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Wrote : 09-04-2016 10:22:18

good policy

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Wrote : 21-03-2016 14:21:16

Which will be the best tenure for (16 years or 21 years) Jeevan Labh policy? I want to go for 5L sum assured. Please let me know...

Replied : 21-03-2016 20:30:40
21 will be better.

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Wrote : 10-03-2016 16:48:12

Among jeevan pragathi or jeevan labh which is better policy and why.Please replay asap.

Replied : 10-03-2016 17:21:06
In my opinion Labh is better.

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Wrote : 10-03-2016 13:21:23

If i take 500000??? insurance so. 25 year terms i have to pay premium for 16 years only ? If live till 25 year so how much amount i get back.?

Replied : 10-03-2016 17:33:27
Yes, you will need to pay premium for 16 years only. for maturity please use maturity calculator.

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Wrote : 09-03-2016 13:23:48

What is the guarantee in this plan? Bonuses are never guaranteed. Also this plan does not show figures at 4 and 8 % means this is not irda approved figures. You are only showing this at assumed rate of return and you do not give this bonuses in any other plans. It is wrong on your part to show such high figures.

Replied : 09-03-2016 15:03:48
1. Only Sum assured is Guaranteed and off-course bonus is not guaranteed, but this plan is a traditional bonus based plan, where bonus according to sum assured is declared for each year and become guaranteed to paid at the time of maturity of in case of death along with sum assured.
2. IRDA does not declare bonus or return, it is insurance company who will declare bonus, 4 to 8% is given for illustration purpose and it not mandatory that it would be between 4-8%. It can be less than 4% or greater than 8%.
3. About above calculation, It is approximate and for purpose of understating, but utmost care has been taken to explain the plan with right information. The maturity calculation of this plan is based on similar closed plan (Jeevan Shree-1 table no 162), please click here to view declared bonus rate for this plan.

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