Maturity Calculator for LIC Jeevan Tarun Child (834)

Maturity Calculator for LIC Jeevan Tarun (834) provides detailed Year-Wise and Age-wise benefits according to child age. This calculator illustrate year-wise benefits of this plan for understanding purpose. Click here to know the complete details. For Maturity calculation, please enter following details and click on Calculate Maturity.

Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB)

Maturity Options (know more)

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Wrote : 01-02-2017 21:38:23

A mother can be a proposer? whether she is depended on her husband.

Replied : 01-02-2017 21:49:49
Yes, she can be but the sum assured will be restricted (cannot have high sum assured).

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 11:13:07

In case death of child then ?

Replied : 11-01-2017 14:23:22
It will be 125% of sum assured plus bonus, please read details of this plan HERE.

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Wrote : 27-12-2016 16:28:02

need maturity value

Replied : 27-12-2016 21:47:34
Please use above calculator, enter sum assured and other details to calculate.

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Wrote : 23-12-2016 17:18:14

Excellent demonstration.....was searching this kind of site

Replied : 25-12-2016 01:41:47
Thanks for your appreciation.

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Wrote : 19-12-2016 00:31:33

Very nice. Easy to understand by self by using these presentations. Thanks

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Wrote : 01-12-2016 20:00:59

One of the best plan LIC

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Wrote : 06-11-2016 23:16:08

Hi, pls confirm tax saving (80C) is available for this plan or not as on maturity amount.

Replied : 07-11-2016 10:47:08
Paid premium will be exempted from income tax under 80c and maturity will me tax free under 10(10d).

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Wrote : 13-10-2016 11:50:53

nicely presented, i like this website.

Replied : 13-10-2016 12:20:23
Thanks for your appreciation. It will definitely encourage us to educate and serve our users better.

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Wrote : 10-09-2016 15:28:51

Really helpful. it will really good for both parrents & Student for future needs.

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Wrote : 15-06-2016 20:30:27

Really helpful, happy to take this policy for my daughter

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Wrote : 21-05-2016 14:25:36

Take this policy if you love your child and thinks a bright future of your child.

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Wrote : 19-04-2016 10:56:28

Super Child Plan As per ur child's future

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Wrote : 19-04-2016 08:36:42

its really helpfull

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Wrote : 04-02-2016 21:48:29

nice illustration...

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