Maturity Calculator for New Jeevan Anand Plan (815)

Maturity Calculator for LIC's New Jeevan Anand (Plan No: 815) provides easy way to calculate maturity amount and illustrate Age-wise and Year-wise risk cover amounts. It uses year-wise bonus rate for years for which the bonus has been declared and latest bonus rate for years which bonus will be declared in future. The calculator provides associated benefits calculation on past and expected data. Please provide following details to calculate benefits of your plan. Click here to know about this plan.


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Wrote : 19-02-2017 01:10:09

sir, I am going to take Jeevan Anand plan for 20 yr, amount 200000 , my DOB is Nov.1990, ...mujhe kitne yr tak premium pay karna parega

Replied : 19-02-2017 06:41:46
20 years tak.

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Wrote : 06-02-2017 12:11:39

Hi Ravi, I have New jeevan Anand 815 plan with sum assured 160000. I just one this clear is it possible to Increase sum assured 160000 to 600000. I have purchased this plan in 2014. Awaiting your valuable reply. Financially I not well , When I had purchase this plan. That's why I'm asking you.

Replied : 06-02-2017 13:13:17
Increase is not possible. You may buy a new plan.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 16:36:12

Sir, I have a policy Jeevan Saral sum assured 375000 Term 165-15 Premium 18194 from dated 05.09.2011. I want to change my jeevan saral policy into Jeevan anand 815 policy? Is it possible? if yes, then please provide details .

Replied : 28-01-2017 17:23:57
This change is not possible.

Wrote : 30-01-2017 09:17:58

Thanks for your valuable reply

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Wrote : 27-01-2017 23:52:28

I hav taken jevan anand in 2017 for 32 it beneficial or not..coz many say it vill better if i take 20 or 18.sobim confused

Replied : 28-01-2017 09:39:03
The benefits of this plan is explained in LIC Plans, please read it.

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Wrote : 24-01-2017 15:52:56

Hi Sir, I am paying premium to New Jevan Anand policy. So my question is how may years he will have to pay the premium? i am paying premium from 2014 an amount of Rs.24111/- including taxes.please tell me how many years of jevan anand policy?

Replied : 24-01-2017 16:05:04
Term for this policy can be 15-35 years, you may please find it on your policy bond or premium payment receipt it will be indicated as 815-xx-xx, where xx will be term and you will have to pay premium for those number of years.

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Wrote : 24-01-2017 15:38:31

Dear Sir, After maturity I will get Total Maturity + Normal life cover amount Or only Total Maturity amount. Please advice.

Replied : 24-01-2017 16:19:44
At maturity, only maturity and after maturity you will life cover equal to sum assured for life time.

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Wrote : 23-01-2017 14:21:16

Sir, I want to know whether the benefit of Normal Risk Cover continues even after maturity period if death occurs before maturity period as per Policy. Regards. Mukherjee

Replied : 23-01-2017 14:29:25
NO, In case of death, death claim is paid and policy stops.

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Wrote : 22-01-2017 12:38:02

After maturity of the policy , if the policy holder dies, will the nominee gets the sum assured amount?

Replied : 22-01-2017 13:08:36
Yes, this is life cover for life time.

Wrote : 22-01-2017 16:50:17

So you mean by this policy, even after getting the full maturity amount by the policy holder, the nominee still gets the assured amount after the death of policy holder.

Replied : 22-01-2017 17:04:27
Yes, You got it right.

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Wrote : 20-01-2017 20:24:58

Pls tell me how to registered my policy no. What should I do

Replied : 20-01-2017 20:31:23
Kindly follow this link.

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Wrote : 16-01-2017 20:48:24

What is the meaning of surrendering of policy?

Replied : 17-01-2017 00:28:04
Surrendering closing/terminating and withdrawing all future benefits of the policy. After closing or terminating the policy, insurance company pays surrender value, if applicable.

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Wrote : 13-01-2017 17:19:13

if anyone take 815 LIC Jeevan anand in 2016. so I want to know how many number of premium he will have to pay ? till which year he have to pay the premiums ? S.A.- 5Laks , Premium : Half yearly. Term : 21

Replied : 13-01-2017 17:27:32
He has to pay 42 half yearly premiums and the last year for premium payment will be 2036/2037. The maturity will occur in year 2037.

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Wrote : 05-01-2017 00:53:52

I have NEW JEEVAN Anand Plan. My Policy says Premium of Rs 53834 for Basic Plan + Rs 1000 for Death and Disability Benefit Rider Installment Premium = Rs. 54840. However, the agent asked for a Cheque of Rs. 56828 for First Year Premium. Is that Expected. Also, the Agent Charged Rps 450/- extra at the time of handing over the hard copy of the Policy Document as STAMP DUTY charge. Is this all expected?

Replied : 05-01-2017 14:34:49
As I can guess,your age has been considered as 33 years and total premium will be 56897 including service tax. There is no extra charges for stamping as per my knowledge.

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Wrote : 25-12-2016 21:26:07

HI, I enroll in New Jiwan Policy in December - 2015 on half yearly payment for sum assured of 3,00,000 INR, When it matured and how much amount i will get, Please reply on my email Id as well.

Replied : 26-12-2016 08:49:27
The term (number of year the premium to paid or years after maturity will happen) of you policy will be mentioned on policy bond or premium receipt, kindly find it on these documents, it will be indicated as 815-XX-XX, where XX will your policy term. Once you have got your term please use above calculator to calculate benefits associated with your plan.

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Wrote : 20-12-2016 11:32:16

Hi, I have taken this policy in 2014 and thought to calculate the sum assured using sum assured calculator. I got an error message stating min amount should be 6000. However my policy premium is around 2k only. I have total of 15 policies getting matured one by one in the corresponding years. For ex my first policy is getting matures in 21 years and second in 22 years. So i jus want to calculate the maturity amount for each year. Please assist

Replied : 20-12-2016 12:47:40
You can use premium calculator to find you Sum assured, kindly starts from 1Lakh Sum assured.

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Wrote : 10-12-2016 07:37:26

New Jeevan Anand Plan (815) is money back policy or only Death Claim Policy?

Replied : 10-12-2016 13:44:53
It is an endowment plan, maturity is available after completion premium paying term.

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Wrote : 29-11-2016 19:21:40

I have purchased Jeevan Anand 815 plan,Only 1 st install Paid 2014,I am not interest to continue with this plan,So I can jump to other plan by make use of this plan.

Replied : 29-11-2016 23:20:07
No, it is not possible.

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Wrote : 21-11-2016 21:33:45

Hi Sir... If I complete my new jeevan anandh policy for 20 years terms, I would get maturity approx INR. 20 lakhs. If I would deposited this amount in bank... Should I pay 30% tax for this amount or not? Or tax free?

Replied : 21-11-2016 22:12:50

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Wrote : 15-11-2016 11:24:18

I have started this policy by 2010 . At that time on commence i took tenure for 12 years only. But in the above table the minimum policy term is showing as 15 years. Please clarify.

Replied : 15-11-2016 16:06:48
Your plan is old jeevan anand and table no is 149. Please use calculator of this plan.

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Wrote : 06-11-2016 16:30:59


Replied : 06-11-2016 20:29:27
You need to contact your policy issuing branch along with original policy document.

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Wrote : 02-11-2016 22:56:36

whether new jeevan anand cover benefit even after death as in case of old jeevan anand

Replied : 03-11-2016 12:01:56
Yes, life cover equal to sum assured after maturity.

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Wrote : 31-10-2016 21:49:57

sir I want to ask about policy NEW JIVAN ANANAD table no. 815 , Actually i hv some confusion If i will do policy of 815 table then lic will give me written on bond paper or any surity after getting the maturity to lic cover risk hole life.? Thank u sir,

Replied : 02-11-2016 18:32:08
You can read all details of this plan on blank policy (blank Bond) details yourself, the same is available on LIC WEBSITE, the details policy holder to be printed on this document once customer buys it.

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Wrote : 30-10-2016 23:40:01

How much amount will i get on maturity if i take jeevan anand policy 815 for a term of 35 years by paying a premium of 28600 yearly.

Replied : 31-10-2016 10:16:02
You can use above calculator to find sum assured as per age and know approx return.

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Wrote : 26-10-2016 10:56:30

Sir maine lic policy 815 li he jiski ek kist jama kar dee he mai policy band karna chahta hu kya meri us kist ke rupy bapas mil jayge????

Replied : 26-10-2016 15:45:41
3 saal se pahle close karne pe kuch nhi milega aapko.

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Wrote : 26-10-2016 10:02:46

I have taken jeevan anand 815 plan policy in 2014 sum assured is 200000/- it is maturing in 2031 and as per the above calculation the matured amount will be 361800/- this amount will I get after maturily or will I get only 161800/-

Replied : 26-10-2016 15:44:06
You will get maturity amount 361800 (approx) at the completion of policy term i.e. in 2031 in your case.

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Wrote : 22-10-2016 13:19:05

Hello sir My plan is lic jeevan anand 815 describe me features & facility & yearly payment . My dob 07/08/1991 . My plan start June 2016

Replied : 22-10-2016 23:33:35
Please find sum assured and term of your policy to calculate approx benefit related to your plan using above calculator.

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Wrote : 21-10-2016 23:03:53

Dear Sir I have anew jeevan anand policy some assured is 1200000 and duration is 15 years. Is it possible to surrender the policy after maturity? What amount will I get as surrender value after maturity?

Replied : 22-10-2016 10:45:23
Yes, You can surrender, the surrender value will depend number of years after maturity.

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Wrote : 21-10-2016 14:24:58

Hello Sir, If I survive till maturity of my plan,then will the maturity amount, which I will get at that time, be tax free or not? Suppose maturity amount comes out as 50,00000. Then, will I get same amount of money or it will be Maturity amount - Tax ?

Replied : 21-10-2016 20:27:20
Maturity under 815 plan is tax free under 10(10D).

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Wrote : 21-10-2016 12:38:25

Can i surrender my jeevan anand 815 policy after maturity ??

Replied : 22-10-2016 10:46:42
yes, you can.

Wrote : 02-11-2016 04:30:53

Why you want to surrender 815 jiwan anand policy after maturity when free risk cover is available for 20 years.

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Wrote : 18-10-2016 10:42:36

Dear Sir I have purchased Jivan Anand policy four years back and deposited onlly one first installment of 8500 ,I want to withdraw it ,how can it will be withdrawn.

Replied : 18-10-2016 14:32:43
You will not able to withdraw or surrender as your policy must have lapsed without surrender value.

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Wrote : 11-10-2016 20:32:13

Hi, I took new jeevan anand policy in 2016 January with 16 years term. the total premium I'm paying 9269 (without tax) quarterly and for 16 years I ll pay nearly 593000 approximately but sum assured was 500000 only. Please let me know is this correct or I was cheated by agent.

Replied : 11-10-2016 23:26:16
The premium depends upon age term and sum assured. if you would have taken higher term then premium would have less and in case of lesser term, the premium would have more. there is nothing wrong with your policy.Sum assured is not the amount what you total deposit, it is minimum amount to be paid in case of death even if single premium has been paid.

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