New Jeevan Anand (Plan No:815) Details

New Jeevan Anand (Table No: 815) is one of the most sold endowment plans of LIC, which provides Risk Cover even after maturity for life time. Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider makes this plan more beneficial as it provides additional amount eqaul to basic sum assured in case of death. This article gives comprehensive deatails of policy and various benefits associated with New Jeevan Anand Plan with help of example.

Plan Parameters

Age of Entry 18 to 50 years
Calculate your Age
Premium Paying Mode Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly (ECS Only)
Calculate Premium
Policy Term 15 to 35 Years
Basic Sum Assured 100000 and above ( in multiple of 5000)
Policy Revival within 2 year
Rebate 2% on yearly, 1% on Half Yearly, Nil on Quarterly
Loan After 3 years
Surrender After 3 years of full premium payment [ Surrender Value Calulator]

Jeevan Anand (815) Policy with Example

To Illustrate the benefits of New Jeevan Anand, Lets take an example of a person who is purchasing New Jeevan Anand Plan with following details.

Sum Assured (Rs.)5,00,000
Age (Years)25
Policy Term(Years)25
Purchase Year2017
Yearly Premium (Rs.)21,472
Total Paid Premium (Approx)(Rs.)5,36,800

(To know premium and benefits as per your details, please use Premium Calculator and Maturity Calculator for this plan.)


After taking policy as above details, there are two possible cases are, either policy holder survives 25 years policy term or death happens before 25 years.

Case:1 (Maturity Details)

If policy holder survives the policy term (25 years), Maturity will be as under.

Maturity Year2042
Age at Maturity50
Sum Assured (A)500000
Bonus (Approx) (B)837500
Total Maturity (A+B)1337500

Normal Risk Cover continues even after maturity. Following table provides details of year-wise risk cover.

Year Age Normal Life Cover
2042+ 50+ 500000

Case:2 (Death Claim Details)

If death happens during the policy term ( Before 25 years ), 125% of Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus(FAB) is paid to nominee and it is indicated as Normal Life Cover. In case of accidental death, additional amount equal to sum assured is also added death claim amount, the calculation is indicated as Accidental Life Cover. Calculation of year-wise and age-wise death benefits according to accumulated bonus and FAB is illustrated below.

Year Age Premium Deposited Normal Life Cover (Approx) Accidental Life Cover (Approx) Return
2017 25 21,472 6,25,000 11,25,000 --
2018 26 42,944 6,55,625 11,55,625 --
2019 27 64,416 6,86,250 11,86,250 --
2020 28 85,888 7,16,875 12,16,875 --
2021 29 1,07,360 7,47,500 12,47,500 --
2022 30 1,28,832 7,78,125 12,78,125 --
2023 31 1,50,304 8,08,750 13,08,750 --
2024 32 1,71,776 8,39,375 13,39,375 --
2025 33 1,93,248 8,70,000 13,70,000 --
2026 34 2,14,720 9,00,625 14,00,625 --
2027 35 2,36,192 9,31,250 14,31,250 --
2028 36 2,57,664 9,61,875 14,61,875 --
2029 37 2,79,136 9,92,500 14,92,500 --
2030 38 3,00,608 10,23,125 15,23,125 --
2031 39 3,22,080 10,53,750 15,53,750 --
2032 40 3,43,552 11,03,125 16,03,125 --
2033 41 3,65,024 11,36,875 16,36,875 --
2034 42 3,86,496 11,73,750 16,73,750 --
2035 43 4,07,968 12,10,625 17,10,625 --
2036 44 4,29,440 12,63,125 17,63,125 --
2037 45 4,50,912 13,00,000 18,00,000 --
2038 46 4,72,384 13,61,875 18,61,875 --
2039 47 4,93,856 14,36,250 19,36,250 --
2040 48 5,15,328 15,16,875 20,16,875 --
2041 49 5,36,800 15,78,750 20,78,750 --
2042 50 -- -- -- 13,37,500

Above example has been prepared for illustration purpose. The Bonus rate has been taken as Rs. 49 per thousand of sum assured which is as per last declared and FAB rate as Rs. 450 per thousand of sum assured. for More details, please refer to LIC Website and in case of any query please write your comment below.

Comments & Reviews

Wrote : 24-03-2017 22:08:52

My new jeevan anand's sum assured is 15 Lacs term of 30 yers. I have paid 4 year's premium. if anything happened to me due to accident how much amount my family will get?

Replied : 24-03-2017 22:14:51
Please use this calculator for approx year-wise death claim amounts.

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Wrote : 08-03-2017 13:36:46

Hi..I have taken New Jeevan anand policy on 2016 March..It is half yearly installment..I done one payment in september for this year,,and second is due on 10th March 2017..If I pay the premium next month(April 2017)..what will be the charges and is there any problem with that?coz it will start new financial year from next mont...Can you please explain me how can I proceed? Thanks in Advance...

Replied : 08-03-2017 20:07:12
You have grace period of 30 days, so you can pay premium before 10 April, there won't be any charges.

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Wrote : 04-03-2017 00:09:29

Dear Sir, I want to know Maturity amount of New Jiven Anand Policy is totally tax free.

Replied : 04-03-2017 11:40:36
It is tax free.

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Wrote : 27-02-2017 02:13:19

Hi, i have New Jeevan Anand policy with monthly payment but it was not auto debit from my account and pay the monthly premium quaterly but i did paid up on the same year, so will it falls under Revival ? And if i surrender the policy in 3years, what will be my surrender value ?

Replied : 27-02-2017 09:15:24
In case premium due exceeds 6 months, then revival is required. Please use Surrender Value Calculator to calculate approx surrender value.

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Wrote : 26-02-2017 23:43:19

Sir, Your site is very helpful to know full details of the policies, ie bonus details. Can you please share how Final additional Bonus (Say NJA policies with15+years) details will be calculated?

Replied : 27-02-2017 09:22:12
FAB is one time bonus in case of policies with 15+ year term and paid at the time of maturity or death. Please use maturity calculator and click on bonus amount you will come to know about calculation.

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Wrote : 20-02-2017 06:12:11

What is the difference between normal life cover and accidental life cover

Replied : 20-02-2017 13:09:23
Immediate death like death due to a road accident is accidental death while death due to some illness will be normal death.

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Wrote : 17-02-2017 19:07:32

Sir, I want to buy LIC Jeevan Anand online. Can I ?

Replied : 17-02-2017 20:06:38
This plan is not available online at present.

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Wrote : 14-02-2017 18:03:21

Sir I got new jivand aanad policy of 5 lac. on date 9-1-2017, on month completed,But I did not get policy bond. if I death then claim will be get to my family or not?

Replied : 14-02-2017 19:54:28
Contact your branch or agent for policy bond. If Policy number has been issued, then you covered.

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Wrote : 04-02-2017 08:19:53

Sir I want to know about term rider If i take 815policy then with term rider and DAB what i will get on maturity, normal death or accidental death. Plz reply

Replied : 04-02-2017 12:16:12
Above example is explained with DAB, please go through it. If term rider is added to above example, then in case of death additional amount equal to sum assured (term rider sum assured) will also be paid along with death claim. No change in maturity.

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Wrote : 03-02-2017 10:40:12

I am confuse between 814 and 815 please help me out .

Replied : 03-02-2017 20:20:24
Please read this article to understand the difference.

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Wrote : 01-02-2017 19:10:03


Replied : 01-02-2017 20:24:08
No, surrender value before 3 years.

Wrote : 13-02-2017 16:08:45

HELLO I HAVE OPENED LIC POLICY 815 IN JANUARY 2016, I would like to SURRENDER MY POLICY, what is the procedure

Replied : 13-02-2017 21:16:13
No surrender value before 3 years of successful completion.

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Wrote : 31-01-2017 10:50:06

Hi, Can you please illustrate maturity benefit, and post maturity life cover for below details: Sum Assured (Rs.) 30,00,000 Age (Years) 25 Policy Term(Years) 30 Purchase Year 2015 Yearly Premium (Rs.) 104,600 Total Paid Premium till date (Approx)(Rs.) 182,700

Replied : 31-01-2017 11:10:32
All approx. benefits will be 6 times of above illustration. However,Maturity calculator for 815 is available on this site, please use to generate aaprox benefit illustration associated with your plan.

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Wrote : 30-01-2017 15:13:35

Hi, Plz let me know the eligibility to avail loan on new jevan Anand policy (815) and what will be the ROI?

Replied : 30-01-2017 15:23:46
You can take loan after completion of 3 policy years with all premium paid. For return use maturity calculator for approx benefit associated with this policy.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 21:18:16

As per Example 1 Sum assured 500000 and bonus 837500 with yearly pay 21472, i bought this policy 2014 with sum assured 1000000 and bonus 865000 only with yearly pay 63072... here my doubt why my bonus is less compared to example 1 with yearly payment double compared to example. please could you clarify ?how the bonus will be calculated?

Replied : 28-01-2017 21:52:45
In the above example, the term is 25 years whereas it is 18 years in your case. The bonus is declared for each policy year and year-wise bonuses are added to be paid at maturity.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 08:46:26

Hi, as per the Case2 illustration and example, if a person dies within the term of the policy then "125% of Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus(FAB) is paid to nominee " But what if a person dies after the maturity of the policy and after receiving the benefits. How much his/her nominee will receive after insured person's death if the policy is of 3,00,000?

Replied : 28-01-2017 09:15:13
Please use maturity calculator for getting illustration as per you age, term and sum assured.

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Wrote : 27-01-2017 22:41:14

Thanks for ur information Now I understand this clearly........

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Wrote : 27-01-2017 08:02:15

Respected sir, table no 005 and table no 014 how to know which policy are this?

Replied : 27-01-2017 11:02:39
Table 005 is whole life endowment plan and table 014 is endowment plan for which maturity calculator is available on this site, please use it for approx benefit illustration.

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Wrote : 25-01-2017 10:33:38

Thanks for your immediate reply... one more question , simple reversionary bonus will add from the 1st year of my policy as per bonus declare from lic of india. From which year F.A.B will add. F.A.B will also add from the 1 st year or it will add after 15 years of running policy. My policy term is 35 years. If F.A.B will add after 15 years means, from 16th year to 35th year the F.A.B.will add year wise along with simple reversionary bonus right. Pls tell clearly about F.A.B., because someone is telling there is no any F.A.B for death claim benefit, whether it is natural or accidental. F.A.B is only for maturity benefit that means survival till the policy term.

Replied : 25-01-2017 11:09:47
FAB is one time bonus to be paid at the time of maturity or death, generally it is applicable to policies with term more than 15 years. Here is exact text from LIC website:
On Death during the policy term: Death benefit, defined as sum of Sum Assured on Death and vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final Additional bonus, if any, shall be payable.

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Wrote : 25-01-2017 06:59:15

My question is i am taking the New jeevan anand policy for 35 years... I want to know whether the Finall additional bonus will add along with the bonus after 15 years of running policy... if the policy holder died after 25 years in the term of 35 year policy... now the nominee will get the S.A of 125% +accrued bonus+ F.A.B. or F.A.B will not given.

Replied : 25-01-2017 08:12:59
In case of death in 25th policy year, 25th year FAB will be included in death claim.

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Wrote : 24-01-2017 14:43:03

If your premium deadline have crossed 6 months Mark then you have to visit any of the nearest LIC branch and need to apply for the revival with penalty. Once the request for revival is processed, you can easily pay your premium with penalty at some 8% rate.

Replied : 24-01-2017 15:17:33
Thank you vishal for your information.

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Wrote : 24-01-2017 12:20:53

Hello, Please let me know if there is any way to buy a new policy online?

Replied : 24-01-2017 13:26:43
There are only 2 plans which can be bought online and these are jeevan akshay and e-term plans. You can buy this plan offline and manage your account online like paying further premiums.

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Wrote : 22-01-2017 18:58:02

how to pay annual premium through online. if i try to pay through online it was displaying wrong details,plz guide me

Replied : 22-01-2017 19:19:24
Have you registered your policy on LIC website, if not, please go through How to register LIC policy on LIC website and register your policy. After registration, you will find option to pay premium online option once you log in to your account.

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Wrote : 20-01-2017 12:25:30

Hi, Does Jeevan Anand 815 plan comes under "Life Insurance Pension Scheme (80CCC) or will it just be calculated as a Insurance Premium while submitting a tax declarations? Thanks in advance

Replied : 20-01-2017 12:44:07
It will be considered as life insurance premium and deduction to be claim under 80c. It is not a pension scheme.

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Wrote : 19-01-2017 18:53:28

Hi there I joined jeevan anand in Nov 2011 early 50000 policy, I paid policy only 2 years after that remaining 3 years I couldn't pay now I want to cancel my policy and want money back pls tell me suggestions.

Replied : 19-01-2017 21:48:22
For surrender eligibility, the policy must have continued first 3 years. Your Policy is lapsed with a surrender value.

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Wrote : 13-01-2017 08:43:28

Maine jivan anand policy 9 Jan. 2017 Ko open ki hai.. Policy bond Milne k pahle kuch huwa to policy ka claim milega ya nhi..

Replied : 13-01-2017 10:15:41
Agar Policy number generate hogya hai to, aap ka life cover shuru hogya hai aur aap covered hain.

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Wrote : 11-01-2017 16:30:04

So from above calculations it show that return will be 40% upon maturity. Isn't is too high to believe?

Replied : 11-01-2017 16:52:16
How you have arrived at 40% amount?

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Wrote : 10-01-2017 12:46:49

Sr Maturity amt. Will exact same as shows in cal. Table.? Terms & Condition are written in policy bond or not?

Replied : 10-01-2017 12:50:47
No, it is an approximation as per current bonus rates.The exact maturity can only be calculated at the time of maturirty.

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Wrote : 08-01-2017 09:23:20

Dear Sir, policy start hone ke bad ,first day se conditions ki shurvat ho jati hai? yane ke agar policy start hone ke bad 10 din me muze kuch ho jata hai to mere nominee ko benefit mi mil jayaga ,

Replied : 08-01-2017 19:20:21
Policy issue hone k just baad se risk cover shuru ho jata hai.

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Wrote : 07-01-2017 18:00:56

Sr I want to take new jivand anand policy.. Can i open policy without agent ? So comision will get me.. Is it posible so plz tell me.

Replied : 07-01-2017 18:12:40
Premium will be same.

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Wrote : 07-01-2017 17:11:05

Hi, Is it possible to take new jeevan Anand policy through online? Is it possible to change the nominee once the policy taken or after the policy complete?

Replied : 07-01-2017 18:08:40
Policy is not available online. Yes, you change nominee at later stage during policy term.

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