New Jeevan Anand (Plan No:815) Details

New Jeevan Anand (Table No: 815) is one of the most sold endowment plans of LIC, which provides Risk Cover even after maturity for life time. Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider makes this plan more beneficial as it provides additional amount eqaul to basic sum assured in case of death. This article gives comprehensive deatails of policy and various benefits associated with New Jeevan Anand Plan with help of example.

Plan Parameters

Age of Entry 18 to 50 years
Calculate your Age
Premium Paying Mode Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly (ECS Only)
Calculate Premium
Policy Term 15 to 35 Years
Basic Sum Assured 100000 and above ( in multiple of 5000)
Policy Revival within 2 year
Rebate 2% on yearly, 1% on Half Yearly, Nil on Quarterly
Loan After 3 years
Surrender After 3 years of full premium payment [ Surrender Value Calculator]

Jeevan Anand (815) Policy with Example

To Illustrate the benefits of New Jeevan Anand, Lets take an example of a person who is purchasing New Jeevan Anand Plan with following details.

Sum Assured (Rs.)5,00,000
Age (Years)25
Policy Term(Years)25
Purchase Year2017
Yearly Premium (Rs.)21,472
Total Paid Premium (Approx)(Rs.)5,36,800

(To know premium and benefits as per your details, please use Premium Calculator and Maturity Calculator for this plan.)

After taking policy as above details, there are two possible cases are, either policy holder survives 25 years policy term or death happens before 25 years.

Case:1 (Maturity Details)

If policy holder survives the policy term (25 years), Maturity will be as under.

Maturity Year2042
Age at Maturity50
Sum Assured (A)500000
Bonus (Approx) (B)837500
Total Maturity (A+B)1337500

Normal Risk Cover continues even after maturity. Following table provides details of year-wise risk cover.

Year Age Normal Life Cover
2042+ 50+ 500000

Case:2 (Death Claim Details)

If death happens during the policy term ( Before 25 years ), 125% of Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus(FAB) is paid to nominee and it is indicated as Normal Life Cover. In case of accidental death, additional amount equal to sum assured is also added death claim amount, the calculation is indicated as Accidental Life Cover. Calculation of year-wise and age-wise death benefits according to accumulated bonus and FAB is illustrated below.

Year Age Premium Deposited Normal Life Cover (Approx) Accidental Life Cover (Approx) Return
2017 25 21,472 6,25,000 11,25,000 --
2018 26 42,944 6,55,625 11,55,625 --
2019 27 64,416 6,86,250 11,86,250 --
2020 28 85,888 7,16,875 12,16,875 --
2021 29 1,07,360 7,47,500 12,47,500 --
2022 30 1,28,832 7,78,125 12,78,125 --
2023 31 1,50,304 8,08,750 13,08,750 --
2024 32 1,71,776 8,39,375 13,39,375 --
2025 33 1,93,248 8,70,000 13,70,000 --
2026 34 2,14,720 9,00,625 14,00,625 --
2027 35 2,36,192 9,31,250 14,31,250 --
2028 36 2,57,664 9,61,875 14,61,875 --
2029 37 2,79,136 9,92,500 14,92,500 --
2030 38 3,00,608 10,23,125 15,23,125 --
2031 39 3,22,080 10,53,750 15,53,750 --
2032 40 3,43,552 11,03,125 16,03,125 --
2033 41 3,65,024 11,36,875 16,36,875 --
2034 42 3,86,496 11,73,750 16,73,750 --
2035 43 4,07,968 12,10,625 17,10,625 --
2036 44 4,29,440 12,63,125 17,63,125 --
2037 45 4,50,912 13,00,000 18,00,000 --
2038 46 4,72,384 13,61,875 18,61,875 --
2039 47 4,93,856 14,36,250 19,36,250 --
2040 48 5,15,328 15,16,875 20,16,875 --
2041 49 5,36,800 15,78,750 20,78,750 --
2042 50 -- -- -- 13,37,500

Above example has been prepared for illustration purpose. The Bonus rate has been taken as Rs. 49 per thousand of sum assured which is as per last declared and FAB rate as Rs. 450 per thousand of sum assured. for More details, please refer to LIC Website and in case of any query please write your comment below.

Comments & Reviews

Wrote : 02-12-2017 16:25:20

if after paying 3 premiums person will dies how much nomini will get..?

Replied : 02-12-2017 20:32:47
125% of sum assured plus bonus for 3 years.

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Wrote : 07-11-2017 05:54:41

Sir, in above example ..there is no clarification of accidental risk over amount after getting maturity .. So William plz tell me the aprox amount of accidental risk cover after getting maturity of( 10 lk sum assured for 15years )..?

Replied : 07-11-2017 12:39:51
After maturity, there is no additional benefit in case of accidental death. So, in case death either normal or accdental, the death claim will be equal to basic sum assured.

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Wrote : 25-10-2017 00:23:22

Please tell me that the total amount which is being paid after maturity is completely tax free or not.

Replied : 26-10-2017 00:37:13
Yes, it will be tax free.

Wrote : 03-11-2017 17:27:03

Sir better than this plan is our tata AIA's Super income plus regular income plan . Tax free Total payment period is start from 7 years to 21 years .you can choose any period . For good details and for the best financial plan contact me. 7907700378 My number My email . Contact me

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Wrote : 22-09-2017 19:53:49

I took ja 815 policy but in my policy I didn't got any benefit illustration table like above given..why so. ?

Replied : 22-09-2017 20:44:37
Above illustration is not official and it is just for the purpose understanding. No such illustration is provided at purchase.

Wrote : 22-09-2017 20:53:05

If no such table is provided then how can b someone sure about the accidental claim or maturity in terms and conditions there is only about bonus points and all who will calculate and what is the authenticity that undisclosed figures will not be changed... Somewhere I am feeling like I am trapped

Replied : 22-09-2017 21:09:34
Bonus is declared every year for that particular FY and keeps accumulating to policy and paid at maturity. In case of death, death sum assured (125% of BSA) + bonus accumulated till death, is paid as death claim. You can see declared bonus rates at official lic website.

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Wrote : 01-09-2017 10:16:16

i want a mediclaim policy, i am one week short of 50 years age, does Jeevan ananad provides good mediclaims

Replied : 01-09-2017 11:10:11
No, Jeevan anand does not have medical insurance.

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Wrote : 18-08-2017 15:54:34

Hello sir/Madam In this year only i started this new jeevan anand-815 plan but m confusion is what is the maturity amount in can get??? My plan status is like below 15 year plan Premium amount 11062rs (Half yearly) My age 24 year when started Kindly let me know the status of my account Regards Suresh

Replied : 18-08-2017 20:45:22
You may use maturity calculator available on this site to know approx benefits of this plan.

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Wrote : 13-08-2017 01:30:34

Hi, for your example in Case 1 of Jeevan Anand (815) Policy ... Please let me know how long the policy will continue after maturity in case of survival. Will it continue till death and will normal life cover be equal to sum assured for that particular case??

Replied : 13-08-2017 07:11:26
Yes, after maturity, life cover equal to sum assured will be available for life time.

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Wrote : 12-08-2017 10:46:21

I have new jeevan anand policy!! I started this policy from 2014 jan 28th !!! I paid premium quarterly !!! I have run this policy for 3 and half years !! Now I don't have money to run this policy !!! My premium quarterly is 59175 !!! When shall I surrender my policy to get my principal amount

Replied : 12-08-2017 13:15:22
Please use surrender value calculator to know approx surrender value in year of your choice.

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Wrote : 10-08-2017 12:26:46

Hi, I have bought this New Jeevan Anand (Plan-815) plan in April 2015. Quarterly premium is 14000(without tax).Policy tenure is 17 years. Age at the time of purchase is 29. The sum assured I get is 800000. My question is regarding the calculation of sum assured. As far my calculation for 17 years my premium paid would be 952000. In that case shouldn't the sum assured should be at least 952000? This amount should be guaranteed to be paid. Why the sum assured calculated is always less than the total premium amount the policy period? What happen to the difference of the amount(952000 - 800000) = 152000? Is this amount adjusted with the bonus? If yes in that case does the bonus claimed to be provided by LIC is actually not what it mentioned.? Instead should I consider the bonus is very less and the difference of he above amount(152000) is added as bonus and paid on maturity? If yes is it principally correct? Would appreciate if provided detailed clarifications. --Thanks, Tauqeer A

Replied : 11-08-2017 22:50:13
Sum Assured is basic and minimum risk amount and there is nothing like total premium paid should be less or equal to sum assured. Premium depends upon sum assured, age and term. Please read THIS ARTICLE to understand it better.

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Wrote : 03-08-2017 13:55:15

Policy term of one of my Jeevan anand Policy written as 51 . is it typed wrongly instead of 15 do not have maturity date.

Replied : 03-08-2017 17:45:25
New Jeevan Anand does not have 51 year as this plan has option to choose term between 15-35 years. Your plan may be old jeevan anand, please check if you could find some thing like 149-51-xx.

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Wrote : 30-07-2017 10:57:35

Hii sir i have taken policy 815 for 35 years term.In policy documents my date of birth has written wrong such as 24/07/1992 in place of 27/7 1992.will it a matter of concern .

Replied : 30-07-2017 11:56:37
You should visit your branch to get it corrected. It may cause inconvenience in future.

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Wrote : 05-07-2017 13:36:48

Is this plan cover whole life upto full age either case of surrender or complete policy year

Replied : 05-07-2017 13:38:06
Life cover will not be available in case of surrender.

Wrote : 05-07-2017 13:40:21

If not surrender and complete full policy year

Replied : 05-07-2017 13:44:34
Not getting your query.

Wrote : 30-07-2017 12:02:53

Yes Mr. Ravi Pandey, if not surrendered and all premiums paid duly, this policy cover whole life of insured person, even after maturity of policy.

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Wrote : 04-07-2017 20:07:21

Hiii sir,i hv new anand 815.sum assured is 6, is half yrly installment.I have done it for 17yrs.half yrly installment is 20100.i want to know about the amount of agent told me that i will get approximately 800000 after mature.plz tell me the amount.

Replied : 04-07-2017 21:56:09
please use maturity calculator of this plan to know approx benefits.

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Wrote : 03-07-2017 18:07:13

Hi, i purchased Jeevan Anand (with Profits+Accident Benefit) in 2008 (5 Lakhs SA). After maturity, the policy says that i will covered till death. If i die due to natural death (some kind of illness) after the maturity, what will be the amount my nominee will be getting? Please explain. Thank you.

Replied : 03-07-2017 18:20:09
In case of death after maturity , nominee will get death claim equal to sum assured. It is 500000 in your case.

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Wrote : 29-06-2017 18:44:07

I bought the New Jeevan Anand Plan and have paid 4 monthly EMI. I realize that the return is just over 8%, I feel I could invest the amount in tax free mutual fund and get better returns. I want to cancel the plan and get my money back. My broker tell me that I will not get any money back if I cancel now and I will need to continue for 3 years to be able to get the money. Please explain me the cancellation policy for New Jeevan Anand

Replied : 30-06-2017 22:53:24
He is right about cancellation.

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Wrote : 20-06-2017 23:50:44

hi, i have purchased NEW JEEVAN ANAND PLAN, and want to change the nominee detail, is it possible to change the nominee detail

Replied : 21-06-2017 10:14:32
Yes, Please visit your servicing branch (policy issuing branch) with original policy document and address and Id proofs.

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Wrote : 16-06-2017 00:20:01

After maturity if happened accident death feb how much Will get amount

Replied : 16-06-2017 09:46:42
In New Jeevan Anand 815, in case of death after maturity, policy holder's nominee will get an amount equal to sum assured as death claim amount.

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Wrote : 07-06-2017 15:40:08

sir I have bhima gold policy. After 4 year i received amount. After that I can't continue it. I want to cancel it. Have I get balance value. IIs it possible surrender.

Replied : 08-06-2017 15:44:59
You can surrender, please visit your branch.

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Wrote : 05-06-2017 13:29:35

I have paid premiums for 3 complete years. Sum assured is 2500000. Monthly premium is 13900. I am in need of money. It is good to take a loan against the policy or it will be better if i surrender my policy.

Replied : 06-06-2017 08:23:44
After successful completion of 3 policy years, you can avail loan. Please visit your branch.

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Wrote : 30-05-2017 16:25:35

What shall be the Internal rate of Return in case of this example.

Replied : 30-05-2017 22:56:40
For above example, the internal rate of return (IRR) comes to 6%.

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Wrote : 08-05-2017 16:46:39

now my age is 40 . i want sum assured like 300000. policy years 15. so what is my policy premium with rider

Replied : 08-05-2017 17:05:39
Please use premium calculator of this plan. here is link.

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Wrote : 03-05-2017 23:48:19

I have taken Jeevan Anad policy however did not add term rider like accidental risk. Can add this to my existing JA policy. Pls advise.

Replied : 04-05-2017 10:48:43
Yes, you can add this rider in new jeevan anand 815.

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Wrote : 01-05-2017 23:55:49

Good day, Is it possible to reduce sum assured for Jeevan Anand 815 plan. I bought a plan for sum assured 20 lakh term 15 years.. I want to reduce sum assured amount to 10 lakh is it possible.. Thanks

Replied : 02-05-2017 23:51:32
Please contact your branch.

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Wrote : 01-05-2017 23:21:36

Good day,
I currently purchased LIC policy for myself.
Age= 26 yr,term= 15 years. Sum assured = 2800000 Half yearly premium =112127 Approx Maturity amount= 4578000 And in addition 2800000 life time  risk cover. As LIC agent told me I can withdraw 2800000 life time risk cover at time of maturity or any time after maturity date. So as per LIC advisor total approx maturity amount = 4578000+2800000 = 7378000 One of my friend is telling you  will get only 457800 at maturity and can't withdraw lifetime risk cover it will be only paid to your nominee after your death. Highly appreciated if you could clarify on above Thanks in advance

Replied : 02-05-2017 23:56:28
Yes, after maturity you will have life cover of 28 Lakh and will be paid to nominee in case of death. But you may surrender your risk cover and take surrender value of your policy yourself, but it will not be 100% of sum assured.

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Wrote : 18-04-2017 12:15:29

Is Maturity amount of Jeevan Anand is tax free under 10 (10D) ??? (Eg: 23 Lakhs will be tax free at the time of maturity including bonus also for 10 Lakhs policy).

Replied : 18-04-2017 13:02:32
Yes, Maturity will be tax free as per 10(10D).

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Wrote : 18-04-2017 07:24:26

HI, If policy gets lapsed due to the premium is not paid within the grace period and if i have paid all lapsed premium in lumpsum then will it affect (reduce) my assured amount or bonus amount.

Replied : 18-04-2017 12:57:33
No, If you pay all premiums which are due, then your policy will become normal policy, i.e. no affect on SA or bonus.
Please Note: If due date is past more than 6 months, then you have visit branch with Id proof for revival.

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Wrote : 08-04-2017 12:36:09

Sir your site are very helpful. Sir I want to know that in New Jeevan Anand I will be covered after the maturity or not. If covered then can I stop my insurance by taken sum assured money back. Sir give me detail

Replied : 08-04-2017 18:46:29
Yes, you will be covered and risk cover amount will be equal to basic sum assured. You may stop your risk cover after, it will be a case of surrender.

Wrote : 20-06-2017 16:13:29

For any requirement/questions feel free to reach out to me @ 9830597138.

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Wrote : 07-04-2017 18:55:14

Sir my address in I'd proof is different I am living in new addres so I enterd a new addres in policy table no 815 which is not in id please reply.....

Replied : 07-04-2017 19:01:24
New address can be updated in future. You can contact your branch for the same.

Wrote : 08-04-2017 08:14:13

Thanks for your valuable support sir

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Wrote : 06-04-2017 12:12:05

I am 48yrs and intending to join NJA-815 policy for Rs 6,00,000=00 sum assured for 16 yrs with a premium of Rs. 52636=00 yearly including tax. My agent says I will get a maturity value of Rs 16,71,000=00 . The calculation is not clear to me : 1) I pay rs 51667=00 x 16 = Rs 826672=00 excluding tax. then why the sum assured is Rs Six lakh? 2) the FAB paid at the time of maturity was Rs 490=00 per thousand last year. Is the FAB be calculated on total amount paid by me or sum assured value or any other way and once in a year or at the end of policy tenure? Is the above calculation given by the agent is more or less correct? Is it also true that if I purchase the policy from LIC office directly then I will have to pay less amount than through agent?

Replied : 06-04-2017 13:35:50
1. Premium depend upon age and term. Older the age, higher will be the premium. You may please take reference from this article.
2. FAB is calculate on sum assured.
3. Maturity calculated by him is highly inflated. Please use this maturity calculator for approx benefits.

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Wrote : 24-03-2017 22:08:52

My new jeevan anand's sum assured is 15 Lacs term of 30 yers. I have paid 4 year's premium. if anything happened to me due to accident how much amount my family will get?

Replied : 24-03-2017 22:14:51
Please use this calculator for approx year-wise death claim amounts.

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