Premium Calculator for Amulya Jeevan 2 Plan (823)

Calculate your Yearly and Half Yearly premium as per age, term and sum assured for LIC term plan.

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Wrote : 12-11-2017 11:53:51

Hi I AM 33 years old and would like to buy Amulya Jivan plan with Amount 500000 for 15 years term. Is there any medical check up and if in medical check up any defect found can I get policy.

Replied : 13-11-2017 17:01:12
It will depend of the type of health complications, normally 500000 sum assured is available with medical tests.

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Wrote : 27-10-2017 22:15:20

In present time ,plan no 823 is available yes or no plz comments

Replied : 27-10-2017 22:34:18
It is available.

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Wrote : 16-10-2017 23:24:33

Amulya jeevan 2 823 plan is having accidental benefit?

Replied : 17-10-2017 10:14:42
No extra benefit in case of accidental death, normal death and accidental claim amont will be same.

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Wrote : 29-09-2017 17:07:08


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Wrote : 29-09-2017 13:17:02

previous installment is Rs 7148.0 for 823-35-35 plan to day paid -Rs-8435.0 for next six months- collected money with 18% extra. Is GST applicable for this previusly decided premium also ?Please clarify.

Replied : 29-09-2017 13:48:31
Service tax is applicable to amulya jeevan 2 (823) since this plan was introduced. Before GST, the rate was 15% of premium.

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Wrote : 23-07-2017 20:19:12

Hi team, i m 47 yrs old and trying for 40 lacs term plan for 12 years in jeevan amulya 2 much i will get on maturity

Replied : 23-07-2017 21:28:19
Amulya jeevan 2 is a pure term plan which provides risk cover during policy term but no amount on maturity.

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Wrote : 02-07-2017 18:52:21

does medical test required in case of diabitic for jeevan amulya 2 policiy for 30years. presently i am 44.

Replied : 02-07-2017 22:24:37
Yes, medical will be required.

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Wrote : 23-06-2017 00:53:45

Hi let me know that Amulya jeevan2 is better or Jeevan umang? I need a policy which can give a minimum protection of 50 L to my family.

Replied : 23-06-2017 11:27:11
Hi, Amulya Jeevan 2 is a term plan which avails high risk cover on low premium, however, no maturity on survival of policy term. Jeevan Labh is saving + life insurance plan which provides comparatively low risk cover during policy term and maturity on completion of policy term. You can try premium and maturity calculators (available here on this site) of these plans to calculate premium and approx maturity to learn more.

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Wrote : 22-05-2017 16:51:52

sir jeevan amulya policy prmium is it available in salary deduction?

Replied : 23-05-2017 17:04:43
This policy has only two premium paying modes i.e. Yearly and half yearly.

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Wrote : 05-04-2017 22:42:39

Hi.. I have recently opted term plan policy of 5100000 lacs. I gave blood and urine samples for medical tests. I wish to know will lic disclose medical test reports to me ? How can I get the reports ?

Replied : 06-04-2017 10:52:00
You can contact your agent for the same, he may share details of the reports.

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Wrote : 30-03-2017 10:35:46

Now ..I am I nominate my mother for my policy....later after my marriage..can I change my nomination in the name of my spouse?//

Replied : 30-03-2017 11:01:55
Yes, you can change it as later stage.

Wrote : 30-03-2017 11:05:30

Thanks for your quick revert

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Wrote : 18-03-2017 22:18:40

Dear Team, Myself Dinesh from Pune city. I am 30 years old and working in private sector. I am planning to buy Amulya Jeevan term plan of sum assured 50,00,000 rs(50 lacs). I need information about medical tests. I wish to know how can i get information which are the medical tests are conducted for Amulya Jeevan term plan for 50,00,000 lacs rupees amount for 30 years? As i discussed with few LIC agents they are saying ECG, SBT-13, RUA & HB tests are compulsory and few agents are saying these medical tests are not needed only normal verification from the doctor is required.? Is there any notification or circular or disclosure from authorised department of LIC where I will get information for sum assured amount & age ratio which medical tests are required ? Thanks, Dinesh

Replied : 19-03-2017 00:08:42
Yes, these tests will be compulsory. It will not be done with normal verification from a doctor. URIN and blood sample will be taken.

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Wrote : 02-02-2017 18:50:33

I have diabetic for last 6 months whether i am eligibe for taking amulya jeevan 2 policy??

Replied : 02-02-2017 19:26:49
Please visit Nearest LIC branch and apply for policy, LIC will go for medical test on its own expanse and they will proceed accordingly.

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Wrote : 31-01-2017 12:43:57

Dear Sir, I wish to opt for the term plan of Amulya Jeevan 2 Plan (823). Please advice do i have to go through medical to opt for this plan.

Replied : 31-01-2017 12:50:39
Yes, test will be there.

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Wrote : 12-01-2017 23:09:12

I am handicap person with 60% disability certificate .I am gov. Employee having 5 lack health insurance Can I purchase this policy or i am eligible for this policy Please reply me.......

Replied : 13-01-2017 10:39:18
Yes, You can apply for it. LIC will go for requisite medical tests and enroll accordingly.

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Wrote : 16-12-2016 15:29:55

Does Amulya Jeevan II will cover both natural and accidental death ???

Replied : 18-12-2016 22:50:54
Yes, Normal and accidental benefits are same in term plans.

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Wrote : 03-11-2016 11:18:37

What is the criteria for taking Amulya Jeevan II policy SA 25 Lac and 50 Lac, means I want to know the Eligibility for taking these policies.

Replied : 03-11-2016 12:00:06
Two basic requirements are source of income and health conditions.

Wrote : 03-11-2016 12:12:58

What is income criteria per annum?

Replied : 03-11-2016 13:18:28
Normally, you can avail sum assured (life cover) as 20 times of annual income.

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Wrote : 02-10-2016 11:44:43

Hi, I wanted to take Jaavan Lakshaya policy with SA 10 Lakhs. But my agent made it as 5 policies with SA 2 lakhs each, will there be any difference between the bonus amount for 10 lakhs SA and 5*2 laksh SA. Thanks,

Replied : 02-10-2016 12:43:50
No, there will not be any difference in bonus. He must have done 5 policies to provide you options to surrender or close some of these 5 policies instead of closing one with 10L Sum assured. But sum of premiums for 5 policies of 2 Lakh each will be higher than premium single policy of 10L. you may calculate yourself using premium calculator available on this website.

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Wrote : 12-09-2016 12:57:03

does LIC amulya jeevan provides critical illness rider ? if not then which LIC policy provides both accidentally death benift & critical illness rider.

Replied : 12-09-2016 21:03:37
Amulya jeevan does not come with such riders while almost all other endowment plans(e.g. Anand, labh,lakshay) can be purchased with these riders.

Wrote : 12-09-2016 23:12:04

thank u

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Wrote : 08-08-2016 23:49:37

I took a policy for 52 lakhs jeevan lakshya today, without any riders. Is it possible to include riders later like for accidental death. I am 41 year old and premium is yearly for 18 years and pay ment for 15 years.

Replied : 09-08-2016 12:16:21
You can opt eligible riders during premium paying term.

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Wrote : 21-07-2016 13:43:00

Very expensive term plan for the same Sum compared to other insurers.

Replied : 21-07-2016 14:32:10
Yes, it is expensive compared to other private insurers.

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Wrote : 17-05-2016 16:24:41

Please use maturity calculator available on the site.

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Wrote : 04-05-2016 20:14:46

Dear i take j.labh plan today there is the PPT i want to know , will i get FAB?after maturity.

Replied : 06-05-2016 18:08:49
Please use maturity calculator available on the site.

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Wrote : 11-04-2016 21:50:30

Is it permissible to change the nominee after 15 or 20 years? Can there be more than one nominee?

Replied : 11-04-2016 23:05:21
Yes, You can change but nominee will be only one.

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Wrote : 09-03-2016 14:51:18

Please advise as how can the bonuses be counted in the maturity as it is not clear as on what percentrage the bonuses would be declared. Also, the bonus is not a guaranteed element. Please advise as how can the approximate maturity is calculated(1398750) at age 36, Policy term 18 years and Insurance cover INR 750000.

Replied : 09-03-2016 16:01:06
For which plan your calculating maturity, because amulya jeevan plan does not have any maturity.

Wrote : 09-03-2016 16:45:00

This is Jeevan Lakshya plan. Please advise, on what basis the bonus is calculated as it appears as it is quite an ambition calculation given on the calculator. Also explain the death benefits under Jeevan Lakshya.

Replied : 09-03-2016 16:57:54
It is not calculated ambitiously, though it is an approximation but it close to what will be. Here is how, Bonus for last FY was Rs. 49 per thousand of sum assured per year and FAB for 18 year is taken as Rs. 55 per thousand of SA, so here is how it is calculated:
750000 + 750000*18*49/1000 + 750000*55/1000

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Wrote : 29-02-2016 17:06:04

Dear sir, Can you explain me about TERM RIDER. what is this, what roll of term rider of my policy. Is this make twice of my sum assured.? please explain with jeevan lakshay sum assured 800000 for 15 years.

Replied : 29-02-2016 21:24:41
Term rider provides amount equal to term rider amount other than death claim amount of basic plan in case of death

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Wrote : 15-02-2016 22:35:24

Which is the best option for life insurance, whether LIC or PLI?

Replied : 17-02-2016 15:08:28
PLIs are better if term is less than 15 year because in case of lic policy final addition bonus is also paid if term is greater than 15 years.

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Wrote : 19-01-2016 19:07:21


Replied : 20-01-2016 08:50:33
yes, it is inclusive of all

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Wrote : 27-12-2015 16:40:23

Differance insurance premium your calculated but agent calculated Other amount why?

Replied : 27-12-2015 17:17:11
please expain about difference??

Wrote : 26-01-2016 00:32:30

I have taken LIC 833 plan for 20years with SA Rs 2 lakh and my agent told me after 20 years in maturity I get approx 16 lakh. my current premium is R's 11721/- dear sir please tell me how much I get after maturity?

Replied : 26-01-2016 11:40:08
It impossible to get such maturity amount. please use maturity calculator available on site for jeevan lakshay for maturity amount,

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Wrote : 21-12-2015 00:57:40

Differance insurance premium your calculated and agent calculated same amount why?

Replied : 21-12-2015 13:11:49
Where is the difference? Please explain..

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