Premium Calculator for Jeevan Umang (Plan No:845)

Calculate your Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly premium with service tax for LIC Jeevan Umang (Table No: 845). Premium calculator also provides option to include Accidental Death & Disability Benefit rider's premium with base plan.

Accidental & Disability Rider

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Wrote : 30-08-2017 16:46:08

Please clarify whether your premium calculation under plan Jeevan Umang (845) High Basic Sum Assured rebate is given or not? Just now I used your premium calculator where in premium arrived is Rs.195610 for sum assured of 25 lacs with ABDB rider but as per LIC chart it works out Rs.192985. Please also clarify the rate for ABDB rider. Kudos for your web site. S.V.SUDHARSANAM

Replied : 01-09-2017 09:51:05
Above premium is after all rebates. As per your case of SA- 2500000, term-15, and age-35 following will be the calculation.
Base Premium: 191735
Premium with AD &DB rider: 195610(191735 + 3875)
Premium with Accidental rider: 192985(191735 + 1250),
So, AD & DB (Accidental Benefit & Disability Benefit) Rider is different from Accidental Benefit rider. Above calculator have option of AD & DB Rider only.

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Wrote : 22-06-2017 12:13:30

all in one mobile calculator showing your calculation for the different suppose date of DOB 20/12/1966 PPT 15 TERM 49 SA 500 000 Five Lacs What Premium details required

Replied : 22-06-2017 12:18:35
Kindly make sure which riders are included, above rider have option of Accidental & Disability Rider only.

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Wrote : 18-06-2017 18:36:06

If a PPT is 15 SA is 10 lac age 44 suppose she pays prm 3 year and die premm is less than 2 lacs what her nominee Will get ?

Replied : 19-06-2017 19:09:33
Her nominee will get death claim amount which will be equal to sum assured + bonus.

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Wrote : 01-06-2017 20:30:43

It's just an illusion maturity at 100years who wl survive all money invested wl be blocked and just 8prcnt wl be 1prcnt aftr 30 years of payment with minimum and early entry also it wl not beat inflation nor our hard earned invested money wl not be of any use in time

Replied : 01-06-2017 22:01:41
Thanks for your comments. If a person not surviving 100 years is not an issue for all individuals because, in case of death at any time after premium paying term, a substantial amount will be paid to his/her nominee. This plan may fulfill objective of a person who is interested in leaving behind a substantial amount to his/her dependents. On the interest front, who knows if there will not be 0% interest after 30 years.

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Wrote : 26-05-2017 22:43:54

For age upto 40 years go for ATAL PENSION PLAN in which pension start from 60 year pension amt : 60000/- per year and premium is only 180/- to 1350/- per month for age 18 to 40 year. Also contact any bank or po for further clarification.

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Wrote : 22-05-2017 11:26:20

easy to find term (30 - current age )=Nearst 30years ppt 15/20/25/30 etc exam. age 13 30 - 13=17 so nearest lowest term 20 30 - 17= 13 so 15 30-7=23 so 25 30-20=10 so 15 always not less than 30 years (PPT+CALCULATED AGE)

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Wrote : 21-05-2017 17:06:01

Is this a money back policy ?

Replied : 22-05-2017 12:29:58
Yes, it will provide money back (survival benefits @8% od Sum Assured) every year from completion of premium paying term to 99 year of age and maturity on 100 year of age.

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Wrote : 17-05-2017 15:47:38

Sir, kya Premium Paying Term 30 years hi rahega ya kam bhi ho sakta h jese 15, 20, 25 ho sakta h Premium Calculator 30 Years ka hi batta h

Replied : 17-05-2017 16:12:34
Please find minimum premium paying term according to age.

AgeMinimum Premium Paying Term(PPT).
0-430 Years
5-925 Years
10-1420 Years
15 and above15 Years

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Wrote : 17-05-2017 11:22:55

Term15 is available but not showing in premium calculation.if a person buys this policy i Rs.200000 in 11y age in 2017 for term 20. Maturity becomes due in 31y age or in 2037 will he awarded 8% of 200000(16000) per year till 99years or till death and what will be the maturity after 99y. Thanks

Replied : 17-05-2017 11:49:54
Premium Paying Term + Age should be greater than 30 years, this is why term 15 is not available for 11 year age. Please use maturity calculator of this plan to illustrate approx benefit as per your details.

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Wrote : 16-05-2017 14:03:56

If any one does not survive till 100 yrs what will be the final benefit on his death?

Replied : 16-05-2017 14:23:20
Please use Maturity calculator, it will show year-wise death claim amounts.

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Wrote : 16-05-2017 13:06:56


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Wrote : 16-05-2017 12:21:55

why there is no difference in premium for 10 & 14 yrs old in policy plan 845

Replied : 16-05-2017 12:47:00
It is because premium rates for both ages (10 and 14) are same.

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Wrote : 16-05-2017 12:09:18

Can you please provide illustrative returns, say example, 45 years with 15 years and 20 years payment premium terms.

Replied : 16-05-2017 12:40:46
Here is link, please use it to generate yourself.

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Wrote : 14-05-2017 10:18:41

There is a lot of difference between 14 year old and 15year old premium why

Replied : 14-05-2017 12:13:55
There was some calculation error and it has been corrected now.

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