5 Best LIC Plans of 2019

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India provides a range of Life Insurance plans which are made to serve various requirements of customers. LIC has endowment plans, money back plans, children's plans, single premium plans, annuity (pension) plans, term plans etc. A person can take one, more than one or combination of different policies for the purpose of risk cover, savings, children's education, retirement planning, tax saving etc.

Here, five best policies of LIC with their features and benefits are being given; in case of any help, please fill following form to contact a certified insurance advisor to know the complete details of these plans.

1 LIC Jeevan Anand

LIC Jeevan Anand is the most sold plan of LIC for 18 to 50 years age group; it provides risk cover during policy, good return on maturity and post-maturity risk cover. This plan is most suitable for saving, tax planning, and tax free maturity for retirement etc. The most exciting feature of this plan is post maturity risk cover for life time. Learn More..

2 LIC Jeevan Lakshya

Jeevan Lakshya is a unique plan which provides guaranteed yearly income during policy term in case of death of the policyholder at any time after purchasing the policy and lump sum amount on completion of the policy. This plan secures a flow of income in case of bread earner's death, which makes this plan essential for child education, marriage and financial security of the family. Learn More..

3 LIC Jeevan Labh

LIC Jeevan Labh is most suitable plan securing a tax free corpus for retirement, marriage of children and other expenditures later stages. In this plan the premium has to be paid for lesser number of years, for example: for 16 years maturity period, premium needs to be paid for only 10 years. This plan can be a good for 8 to 59 years age group for 16, 21 and 25 year maturity periods. Learn More..

4 LIC New Endowment Plan

LIC New Endowment plan is basic and evergreen endowment plan of LIC, for 8-55 years age group with minimum 12 years to 35 years maturity period. This plan is most suitable for saving & risk cover, tax planning, and tax free maturity (for retirement fund). New endowment plan has great potential if planned for long term. Learn More..

5 LIC Jeevan Tarun Children's Plan

LIC Jeevan Tarun is an especially designed children plan for education and marriage. This plan is available for children of 3 months to 12 years age group. It secures 5 guaranteed money backs between 20 -24 years of the child and maturity when child attains the age of 25 years. Premium waiver in case of death of guardian makes it a complete children's plan because the child is not required to pay further premiums. Learn More..