Maturity Calculator for Jeevan Pragati (Plan No:838)

LIC Jeevan Pragati (Table No: 838) has special feature of availing increasing Risk Cover as term progress, the maturity calculator for this plan provide easy way to know all details like premium, maturity and year-wise risk covers according age and term. The Calculator uses Parameter like Bonus rate, Final Addition Bonus (FAB) etc which are similar to declared values. Click here to know about this plan. To get complete details, provide following details and click on calculate.



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Wrote : 12-08-2016 15:36:07

how much rate of intrest will be workout by taking 700000 policy for 12 years and how much amount can i get at the time of maturity And why your are giving extra death sum assure inspite of normal death cover

Replied : 12-08-2016 16:02:58
LIC plan does not associate interest. It provides bonus, please use maturity calculator for approx values.

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Wrote : 14-03-2016 18:00:03

Can I buy multiple insurance with different maturity period for my daughter

Replied : 14-03-2016 21:36:32
Yes, you can buy any number of of according to eligibility.

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Wrote : 07-02-2016 16:47:41

I want to know that why premium second year onward is less than first year. In endownment plan premium is always regular. And in this plan what is high bsa rebate

Replied : 07-02-2016 19:37:49
Insurance premium attract service tax which is paid to government of India and the rate for first is 3.625% and 1.81 for 2nd year onward.
High Sum assured rebate is a discount in premium if you take higher sum assured.

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