New Money Back Plan (820) Maturity Calculator

New Money Back plan - 20 years provides three money backs which are 20% of Sum Assured on completion of 5th, 10th & 15th year of policy and on completion of policy term (20 years) 40% of Sum Assured + Bonus + FAB is also provided as maturity amount. Please provide following details to calculate Maturity.

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Wrote : 25-12-2017 18:33:38

Sir I completed new money back 820 policy 3 years amount 250000.I want to take jeevan labh policy. I want to surrender my new money back 820 policy. My income is low so want to surrender it. How much I get surrender amount

Replied : 25-12-2017 21:46:09
In case of surrender, you will get approximately 35-40% of total paid premium. If you have paid premium for 3 years, then you can stop paying premium for this plan and take new plan. It is not suggested to surrender this policy and take new one.

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Wrote : 11-07-2017 19:18:21

I hve strted money back policy, can u tell me how much time it will take to start this policy ..bcz yet i dont get my policy number ..

Replied : 11-07-2017 21:32:23
Normally it takes 1 or 2 days.

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Wrote : 06-07-2017 11:29:09

Sir, We put policy money back policy old scheme with 20 year for my father when 49 age how much amount we will get after 20 years please clarify

Replied : 06-07-2017 11:42:35
Please use maturity calculator to calculate approx maturity.

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Wrote : 26-05-2017 16:23:39

Excellent Portal for survival calculations

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Wrote : 02-05-2017 18:27:31

Sir I have money back policy started from 15/11/1997 for 50000 sum assured and I got rs10000 on every 5 years how much amount can I get on maturity

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Wrote : 21-04-2017 12:48:54

Hi Sir/Madam, Policy name "lic money back policy with profit with dab". may I know... how much amount will be refund to me after 5 years?

Replied : 21-04-2017 23:58:36
Maturity calculator for this plan is already available, please use it.

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Wrote : 17-04-2017 19:53:23

I have 20 years money back policy in the year 2016 What is my last premium date ..

Replied : 17-04-2017 20:02:43
You have to pay premium for 15 years, so your last premium will be due in 2031.

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Wrote : 30-03-2017 16:25:18

Your 5 years calculator is wrong. My Year of Purchase is 2014 and First Money Back (After 5 Years) is showing 2018. it should be 2019 right?

Replied : 30-03-2017 17:19:10
Thanks for your scrutiny, we have corrected it.

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Wrote : 18-03-2017 20:14:30

Hello Greetings, Sir, I took a 20 years plan and my sum assured is 2 lakhs can you pls let me know what will be my premium amount half yearly actully i already paid my two premium but the problem is both the time i asked to pay different amount. Pls let me know Thanks

Replied : 18-03-2017 21:39:43
When did you bought this plan and what was your age at the time of purchase? It will better to register your policy with LIC and know the premium and other details.

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Wrote : 05-03-2017 19:11:26

Sir I have a 20 yr money back policy and my premium amount is 6426/6month,kindly what amount I will get after 20 year I mean maturity amount .

Replied : 05-03-2017 20:25:30
Please find your sum assured on your receipt or policy document and use above calculator.

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Wrote : 09-02-2017 15:51:40

hi, sir/madam, i have been shortley opend new lic (new money back policy)20 years. my policy no is(896014181). i paid it amount by cheque. but i never got my LIC FIRST PAYMENT RECEIPT

Replied : 09-02-2017 16:10:48
You can contact your branch or agent for the same.

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Wrote : 12-10-2016 12:58:24

Hi, If i'm taking a sum assured of 1000000 INR "In case of death during policy term, 125% of Sum Assured + Bonus + Final Addition Bonus (Normal Life Cover) will be paid to nominee." Is this mean 1250000+2000(Assuming)+ 1289000. Please clarify. Thanks in Advance.

Replied : 12-10-2016 13:42:51
Yes, but the bonus is accumulated bonus, which means it will be increasing as the policy term progresses. You may use above calculator for year-wise approx accumulated bonus.

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Wrote : 27-03-2016 14:10:28

I had taken new endowment plan for 20 years. Sum assured is 210000. Half yearly payment of 5422. What will be my exact maturity amount..?

Replied : 27-03-2016 20:04:41
Exact maturity can only be calculated at the time of maturity only. pls maturity calculator for this plan for approx amount.

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