Pension Calculator for Jeevan Akshay Plan VI (189)

Jeevan Akshay plan is single premium immediate pension plan which provides pension for life time. Know More about this plan. To calculate Pension amount, please enter single deposit amount and other details and after selection of one pension option out 10 options click on calculate. This pension calculator provides annuity as per revised rated w.e.f. 01-12-2017.

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Wrote : 13-07-2018 23:57:00

Wheather benefit under Jiveevan sashay VI is taxable or not

Replied : 14-07-2018 21:21:25
It will be taxable.

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Wrote : 13-07-2018 12:12:18

[7] Pension payable for life increasing at a simple rate of 3% p.a What happens to principal amount.

Replied : 13-07-2018 12:26:08
It will not be returned in case policy holder's death.

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Wrote : 12-07-2018 03:41:06

Option no 10 plz details suppose after my death wife pension started or not....plz details

Replied : 13-07-2018 12:28:26
Yes, After death of policy holder, pension will be available to policy holder's spouse.

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Wrote : 27-04-2018 19:17:42

I am not complaining but the interest rate is 3% under option 7 n while calculating its showing 5.04 or more depending upon age what's the actual rate of int. 3% or 5 n above.

Replied : 27-04-2018 23:50:19
In option 7, pension increases by 3% every year, for example if your pension is 100 Rupees in 2018, then it will Rs 103 and Rs 106 in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

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Wrote : 26-04-2018 22:33:04

Sir, under option 7 at present calculator works out to 5.04% at age 30 n at age 35 it gives 5.20% is it for the 1st yr or life time or is there any error

Replied : 27-04-2018 11:32:56
Calculator works fine, as the age increases pension increases.

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Wrote : 21-04-2018 05:20:23

My only Q- which option should I prefer after the death pension would be continued to nominees OR returned all amt to Nominee?

Replied : 21-04-2018 11:54:59
Pension does not continue to nominee but in option 10 it continues to spouse (only to wife or husband not son or daughter) and purchase price is returned to nominee.

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Wrote : 13-03-2018 13:10:28

Sir, in Jeevan Akshay Plan VI (189) option# 6, Suppose husband is policy holder & wife is nominee, according to policy wife will get purchase price husbands death, my enquiry is : If wife (nominee) death happens before husband, what next. who will get purchase price after husbands death. Please explain.

Replied : 13-03-2018 13:31:33
In this case, purchase price shall be credited to legal heir of policy holder.

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Wrote : 03-02-2018 12:22:21

1. In Jeevan Akshay, If we invest in "[1] Pension payable for life at a uniform rate". After the death of policy holder, how much amount will be returned?

Replied : 03-02-2018 13:37:17
No, in this option, purchase price is not returned.

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Wrote : 25-01-2018 10:19:11

I WISH TO TAKE jeevan akshay plan 189 with option j. My condition,after my death,my annuity will be paid to my daughter in law.,instead of my spouse my this allowed.

Replied : 26-01-2018 19:49:58
There is no provision that in case of death of policy holder(Annuitant), his daughter gets annuity but same provision is available for spouse.

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Wrote : 20-01-2018 08:38:10

Sir, In jeevan Akshay option 10, Suppose is husband is policy holder, wife gets pension after husbands death. My quiery is : If wife death happens before husband, what next. Where pension goes after even husbands death. Please explain.

Replied : 20-01-2018 21:54:31
As per above situation, pension shall stop and purchase price is returned to nominee.

Wrote : 21-04-2018 15:57:03

how is noimee after death of husband and wife both puschase price is returned to which person son or daughter

Replied : 23-04-2018 12:45:47
Mentioned nominee needs to go LIC branch and claim it.

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Wrote : 12-12-2017 16:11:43

Sir, The annuity rates which are available through the calculator - Are these offline rates or does the system take into account the additional incentive percent when applying online for premium amounts of 2.5L or 10L and above?

Replied : 12-12-2017 18:11:41
It is for offline. The calculator provides all offline annuity rate after providing applicable rebates.

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Wrote : 11-12-2017 01:06:30

Sir, 1.8 ho ya 18 , bat to yeh hai insurance par gst hona hi nahi chiye , simple si bat hai ? Sarkar ko insurance ke liye logo ko badhava dena chiye yaha to ulta gst laga ke logo ka boj aur badha rahe hai ? Modiji aap jetliji ki jagah koi economist ko finance minister banaye , meharbani kare logo par ? Really tired

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Wrote : 05-12-2017 19:27:57

Can you please tell if the interest rates are changed & if any rebate available under online payment. Please suggest which is the best Annuity option ?

Replied : 07-12-2017 18:35:34
Rates have been updated now, please use above calculator. Only annuity rates have been changed other specification are same.

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Wrote : 05-12-2017 09:08:39

Sir , the pension amount which Iam getting under Jeevan Akshay - V1 is taxable or not? tds to be deducted or not?

Replied : 05-12-2017 12:35:10
Pension shall be taxable, LIC generally does not deduct TDS on pension/annuity amount.

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Wrote : 01-12-2017 01:00:46

Does this policy gives any accidental and natural death risk cover???

Replied : 01-12-2017 10:26:35
NO, It does not provide life insurance, in case of death of policy holder paid amount excluding GST is return in option 6 and 10 only.

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Wrote : 29-11-2017 14:43:47

What happen on Death when first option is selected?

Replied : 29-11-2017 16:58:25
Purchase price will not be retruned.

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Wrote : 28-11-2017 17:24:59

What is the difference between option 6 and option 10. Please explain

Replied : 28-11-2017 19:13:06
In option 6, the purchase price is returned to the nominee of the policyholder in case of policy holder's death whereas in case of option 10, after policy holder's death his/her spouse starts getting same pension as long as he or she is alive and In case of spouse death nominee gets the purchase price returned..

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Wrote : 28-11-2017 15:30:24

Shame on this country !! It is hard earned money the middle class people want to invest in a reasonable income scheme , and I feel this shit GST of 18% is a sheer non sense - why dont the Govt consider this and waive this. When huge billionaires ( AMBANI, ADANI, MALLAYA etc) are taking huge loans from banks - Tax Payers Money and committing fraud and fleeing the country POOR middle class like me ( I am working for the last 35 years and dont even have a bank balance of 10 Lac rupees) are the REAL SUFFERERS as in the rising cost of living it is very difficult to make both meet and do the rulers of this country realise the sufferings of common man like me . Had the British Raj continued we all would have been well of - ( Tell me one incident like Most Respectable Penny Quik Sir who sold all his property in England to build the Mullai Periyar Dam - which political scoundrel of this country has done such good to people) instead they are reputed only for doing Scams after Scams like 2G, Sarkaria Case, Nagarvala Case, Harsad Meta case, Coal Scam,Bofors, Defence Deals , Union Carbide case,Mallaya case etc to name a few - real shame on this nation, all the politicians and their family members have to be HANGED in PUBLIC to death and fresh young blood is to be injected -- Politicians please learn from Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Sir Lee Kuwan Yu as to how to serve the public or else please QUIT and leave way for right thinking citizen like me !!! I know your admin will not approve

Replied : 28-11-2017 19:02:11
We respect your concern. But the rate of GST is 1.8% not 18%.

Wrote : 10-01-2018 06:34:39

There should not be any GST on LIC Policies. 1.8 peecent is not less they are taking so money . Modi ne middleclaas logo ko barbaad kar dia hai. Itna inflation and tax bada dia hai

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Wrote : 28-11-2017 00:05:44

Dear sir plz tell in jeevan akshay plan if i invest rs 10 lac and i want that my spouse will get purchase price after me so which option i should choose and how much exact amount she will get?? Kindly suggest and also tell how much pension i will get?

Replied : 28-11-2017 13:24:30
In option 6, purchase price is returned to nominee in case of policy holder's death. Here purchase price means amount exluding GST. For example, for puchase value 10,00,000, the GST will be 18,000 (@1.8%), so total amount to be paid is 10,18,000, but in case of death only 10,00,000 will be returned to nominee. Please calculate pension amount using above calculator as it also required current age.

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Wrote : 27-11-2017 19:37:29

the Guaranteed Amount of return in percentage terms is 7%; is this fixed or floating ie in case of falling rates of interest for whatever may be the reason, will there be any impact on the rate of return that will be provided while arriving at the annuity?

Replied : 27-11-2017 20:11:45
Rate will be fixed irrespective of increase or decrease interest rate in market. Currently it is offering higher return than other plans in similar category, this is why current rates are going to be revised on 1st december-2017.

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Wrote : 27-11-2017 17:18:04

Whether this policy is going yo be closed on 30 nov'17?

Replied : 27-11-2017 18:51:28
Rates are going to revise.

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Wrote : 27-11-2017 14:52:13


Replied : 27-11-2017 18:57:05
It means if annuity is 100 rs in 2017 then it will be 103, 106, 109 for 2018, 2019, 2010 respectively.

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Wrote : 26-11-2017 23:24:46

What is the meaning of "with return of purchase price " ? kindly explain

Replied : 27-11-2017 12:06:20
It means, in case of death of policy holder, the deposited amount will be returned to nominee.

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Wrote : 26-11-2017 22:03:47

What will be the difference of pension amount between offline and online policies? Pl tell me..

Replied : 27-11-2017 12:09:29
In case of online purchase, pension amount will be 1% more of yearly pension amount. For example, if yearly pension is 1,00,000 in offline mode then in online mode, it will be 1,01,000(1,00,000 + 1000).

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Wrote : 25-11-2017 23:13:31

Pl let me know monthly & annual annuity for 10 lacs under option 6 in off line and online plan purchase with latest intetest rate.

Replied : 27-11-2017 12:19:15
Sir, annuities will be 68650 and 5508 in yearly and monthly mode respectively, 1% extra of yearly mode in case of online purchase.

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Wrote : 25-11-2017 19:31:03

The above calculator is for online or off line purchase of policy. Pl clarify..

Replied : 25-11-2017 20:21:49
It is for offline.

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Wrote : 24-11-2017 12:07:00

You can tell me what is the different between Jeevan Akshay Plan & Pradhan Mantri Viya Vandana Yojna both pension scheme

Replied : 26-11-2017 11:36:25
Following are some differnece between two plans.

FeatureJeevan Akshay VIPMVVY
Eligibility30 and above60 and above
Guaranteed ReturnYesYes
Pension DurationLife TimeFor 10 Years Only
Return of Purchase Pricein case of 2 options out 10Returned After 10 years

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Wrote : 21-11-2017 03:03:00

Under option 6, can a Nominee be my Brother or anyone?

Replied : 21-11-2017 12:21:57
Yes, one can make brother as nominee.

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Wrote : 08-11-2017 13:51:54

Why is there a difference in the yearly pension amount in J A VI plan 189 between option 6 and 10. For eg on an investment of Rs.5.0L it is Rs.34200/- per year in option 6 and Rs.34050/- per year in option 10. Please clarify. Can I invest online and is there any advantage

Replied : 08-11-2017 17:15:07
Option 6 and 10 provide different benefits, that is why annuity rates is different. In option 10, after death of policy holder, his or her spouse gets the same pension amount where as this benefit is not avalable in option 6.

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Wrote : 06-11-2017 11:01:00

sir tell me if we purchase policy no 189 plan no 2 after 5 years lic return the principal ammunt.

Replied : 06-11-2017 12:17:50
No, after 5 years, policy holder will keep getting pension as long as he/she survives. Purchase price is not returned.

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