New Jeevan Anand (815) Premium Calculator

Calculate Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Monthly premiums as per your age, term & Sum Assured for New Jeevan Anand Plan (815). The Premium shown are with of Accidental benefit rider and inclusive of service tax.

Accidental & Disability Rider

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Wrote : 23-03-2018 16:35:24

I got new jivan anand policy of 7 lac..for 29yr. If I death in 2 or 3 yr. Then policy benefit will be get nomini. or not

Replied : 25-03-2018 10:32:26
Yes, death claim will be 125% of sum assured (8,35,000 in your case) + Bonus accumulated up to the time of death.

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Wrote : 14-03-2018 22:43:56

Can we change premium paying frequency from yearly to monthly and vice versa?

Replied : 15-03-2018 10:46:34
Yes, it can be done.

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Wrote : 13-03-2018 23:51:51

I open new jeevan ananda policy 18.01.2018.& deposite every month.but i want onece deposite is possible now

Replied : 14-03-2018 01:03:39
Yes, please visit your branch at the time when 12th monthly premium of policy year is due and request to change premium paying mode.

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Wrote : 09-03-2018 17:51:11

Call me any time if you want any help in number is 9818641669

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Wrote : 26-02-2018 15:34:16

Hi Sir, I'm having a jeevan anand 815 plan and I want to buy a new 815 plan am I eligible for that because the plan which was I'm having is only 160000 SA. That's why I want to buy new one Is it possible. Regards shekhar

Replied : 27-02-2018 23:26:19
Yes, you can take new plan, please visit you branch or contact lic agent.

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Wrote : 05-02-2018 09:17:21

I got new jivan aanand policy of 5 lac..for 21yr. If I death in 10 yr. Then policy will countinous upto 21 yr without primium..or not ? If yes so nomini get 5 lac after 21 yr or not.?

Replied : 05-02-2018 12:03:43
In case of death after 10 years from commencement of policy, nominee will get 125% of 500000 + accumulated bonuses for 10 years as death claim and policy will stop.

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Wrote : 06-12-2017 13:35:06

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Replied : 06-12-2017 21:59:12

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Wrote : 27-10-2017 18:20:05

Dear Team, When sum assured is 10 lacs and 20 years terms, if i sum up 20 years the premium amount excluding GST it comes 11.5 lacs. How could possible SA is 10 lcas but we are paying excess of SA i.e 1.5 lacs. Please advise. Thank you- Tejas

Replied : 27-10-2017 21:08:29
Please read this article, it will help you understand.

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Wrote : 28-09-2017 22:45:08

Hi team, my self anil kumar from vizag.. Actually i want to know the basic information of new jeeavan anand (815) policy,. I'm paying my installments since last 2 years. Basic sum assured is 2 lac. My term plan is for 17 years. In that case, if i pay my premium in half year basis, i'm paying more than what i get at last maturity date.. Kindly clear my confusion. My agent is my relative, and i said him to choose better plan, i think he gave this to me just to complete his target..

Replied : 29-09-2017 13:45:55
It sum assured which may be less than total premium to be paid but surely not total maturity as per current bonus rates. Maturity will sum assured + bonues.

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Wrote : 20-08-2017 01:53:10

My policy no 596382180 I paaid 20687 but chek on net hLy premier show 20183 why my sum assured 550000 open year 2016 table no 818

Replied : 20-08-2017 17:28:40
Please check GST on premium, you are required to pay premium with GST @2.25%.

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Wrote : 25-07-2017 20:39:12

Hi, I (aged 27 yrs.) am opting for a Jeevan Anand policy with 12L sum assured with Accidental & Disability Rider enabled. In your website the first year Annual Premium for 25 yrs. policy paying term, is coming as Rs.53838 (inclusive of 4.5% GST). The LIC website is also offering similar premium option (though the above rider is not specifically mentioned in their premium calculator). But my agent has calculated the premium amount from my branch as Rs.57368 with same parameters as above. Could you please explain this difference in premium? I would be grateful if you could answer me at the earliest as my agent is asking me to get the policy up and running by this month.

Replied : 25-07-2017 20:57:56
Your agent is calculating premium with term rider.

Wrote : 25-07-2017 21:07:51

I am grateful for your quickest reply. What is this Term rider that you are mentioning. What specifics get covered under this Term Rider? My agent did not specifically mentioned this to me. Could you please elaborate a bit.

Replied : 25-07-2017 22:32:05
With term rider, in case of death during policy term, an additional amount equal to Term Rider Sum Assured (12Lakh in your case) along with death claim amount of basic plan will be paid to nominee. But it will not affect maturity amount. It is just like a term insurance.

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Wrote : 14-07-2017 00:30:46

Let me know taxable amount for yearly premium. In policy status it's showing only Rs.66419 but total amount deducted is Rs.68910

Replied : 14-07-2017 11:33:44
Premium less taxes will be eligible for exemption under 80c, it is 66419 in your case.

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Wrote : 11-07-2017 22:59:32

what is the total maturity amount for one Lakh some assured for a period of 35 years

Replied : 12-07-2017 14:56:36
Here is link to maturity calculator, please use it to illustrate approx benefit.

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Wrote : 31-05-2017 14:53:31

The premium i have calculated here is different than i have calculated in LIC ALL IN ONE APP ? How its different

Replied : 31-05-2017 15:08:17
Please let us know, for what details (sum assured, age and term) you are calculating premium and how much you are getting there?

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Wrote : 10-04-2017 14:15:01

Can you give me the details regarding loans from LIC against a policy?

Replied : 10-04-2017 14:54:00
Please tell your sum assured, policy term, premium and year of purchase.

Wrote : 25-04-2017 14:11:33

PLAN0815 New Jeevan Anand TERM21 AGE32 Sum Assured 200000, Mode Premium(Rs) Service Tax(Rs) Total(Rs) Yearly 10990 412 11402 Half Yearly 5552 208 5760 Quarterly 2805 105 2910 Monthly 935 35 970 , Actual Premium May vary according to Underwriting Rules Applicable. Life Insurance Corporation of India, Web Application Plan New Jeevan Anand (815) Age 32 Term 21 Sum Assured 200000

Replied : 25-04-2017 15:04:41
Thank you, above premium is calculated without accidental and disability benefit rider.

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Wrote : 08-04-2017 15:05:40

I have new jeevan Anand policy which sum accured has 5 lakh 20 year terms and 2015 starting year then how much total ruppees I will get after paying 20 premium ...please reply me how much ruppes I will get...

Replied : 08-04-2017 18:38:46
Please use maturity calculator of this plan to get approx benefits related to your plan.

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Wrote : 25-03-2017 11:49:20

New Jeevan Anand (815) which form is use like Form No.300 (Rev.2002)

Replied : 25-03-2017 12:06:22

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Wrote : 24-03-2017 22:16:34

If i Bay 200000 assured police so what is the normal life cover & Accidental cover approx on this police.

Replied : 24-03-2017 22:22:46
Please use this calculator for approx year-wise death claim amounts.

Wrote : 29-03-2017 00:43:25

But Calculator is not showing on Death claim amount.

Replied : 29-03-2017 00:58:46
Kindly use this Maturity calculator, it calculates policy year wise death claims (risk covers).

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Wrote : 01-03-2017 11:50:24

Sir, 1)I have completed 62 years inJanuary2017,I want to take policy in my name.I am little overweight and have some heart problem also.Is it possible to take policy for me. 2)My son is having Jeevan Anand (815),for 25 years which will mature in2040.Till which age will he be covered under this policy after maturity

Replied : 01-03-2017 15:01:34
1. Maximum permissible age for this plan is 50 years.
2. Your son will have life cover from 2040 onwards, means in case of death at any time after 2040, his nominee will get amount equal to sum assured.

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Wrote : 20-02-2017 18:42:41

I have few query regarding payment mode for table No 815 (New Jivan Anand) plan. their is multiple option available yearly , half yearly , quarterly and monthly. just want to confirm one thing. can we pay monthly premium online ? not ECS .

Replied : 20-02-2017 18:46:37
Monthly cannot be paid online.

Wrote : 20-02-2017 22:50:39

Thank you for quick reply. I Greatly appreciated your help. i heard that we can pay monthly premium online but i am not sure. so i need to confirm from you. and what else payment mood available for table 815 LIC Plan. my first preference is pay premium through online itself. please guide me properly.

Replied : 21-02-2017 12:02:13
As per my info, new policies are not issued in monthly mode. In case of quarterly, half yearly and yearly modes, you pay premium online for sure.

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Wrote : 20-02-2017 12:44:36

Dear Sir, I am having this policy and i am not able to add policy in LIC e-services "Enrol Policies" option. Error appears. Kindly provide how to add premium is 5732/-

Replied : 20-02-2017 13:07:10
You need to enter premium without service tax and the policy you are enrolling must be in same policy holder for which account has been created. Please share your policy number so that I can tell exact premium amount.

Wrote : 20-02-2017 13:18:29

Policy is in the name of policy holder for which account has been created. DOB has also been checked I am entering premium with out ST as well, but ERROR is continuously appearing Policy Number is 226549xxx

Replied : 20-02-2017 13:41:00
Premium amount is correct and policy holder's name is Ankur Agrawal. What is exact error? May be you should try after some time.

Wrote : 20-02-2017 13:44:15

Policy number Installment Premium (Rs.) Service Branch Status 226549xxx 5,732.00 226 ERROR ENROLLED - Your policy is successfully enrolled. ERROR - POSSIBLE REASONS FOR ERROR IN ENROLLMENT: 1. The Instalment Premium as per Policy Document should match with the Instalment Premium entered by you in the previous screen (correct to the paisa) 2. The Date of Birth given by you in your Profile should be the same as the date of birth for the policy you have enrolled. 3. In case you are enrolling policies of your family members and if you have not entered and saved their date of birth, please proceed to 'Update Profile' option (on the right side bottom) and click on option for 'Married / Un-married', a new option will open for recording the details. After that if you select �??Number of Children (maximum 5) option to record their date of birth will also open. Kindly check the above and try for enrollment again.

Replied : 20-02-2017 14:33:20
Please write your problem to LIC at

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Wrote : 19-02-2017 19:51:31

Hi sir...i hv taken a new jeevan anand policy with sum insured for 1000000/- period 21 yrs nd my age is lic website it is shwing premium fr first yr as 52860 nd fr second yr as my agent told me d premiums as 53898 nd 52924 resp...why dis much difference... Plz xplain which one is correct....

Replied : 20-02-2017 00:09:50
LIC website shows premium without accidental benefit rider but your plan is with this rider, this is why the difference is coming. please use above calculator without rider, you will get same values.

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Wrote : 18-02-2017 19:38:12

Really good site. Every query comment is answered. Thanks for the service.

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 17:38:34

You have mentioned of 2% rebate in the text for one year and 1% for half - year from 2nd year onwards. But in example the rebate of 2% is not considered. In yearly payments also, LIC is not giving rebates on this plan 815 for 2nd premia onwards. Please clarify.

Replied : 28-01-2017 17:53:56
Kindly check it again, premium calculator is gives premium after this rebate.
As per your calculation (SA- 500000, Term- 21, Age- 34).
Yearly Premium - 27866
Half Yearly Premium - 14079
14079 x 2 = 28158
Rebate = 28158 - 27866=292
Note: Calculation is without service tax (3.75% for First Year and 1.875% from 2nd year as per prevailing rates).

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Wrote : 28-01-2017 15:22:47

I want to know if a person is covered with three policy and if he die during poicy time will his nominee get amount from all three policy or only from one policy. Ex- i am covered with 2 PLI policy one is of 1000000 & other is of 500000 Now i want to take a LIC policy New jeevan anand of 2000000. please suggest

Replied : 28-01-2017 17:36:45
If that person has disclosed all of his policies to LIC, then risk covers of all the policies are applicable. If not disclosed, then the policy with highest sum assured will be applicable for death claim. For example, if he took 10L sum assured in 2015 and he is taking 5Lakh sum assured in 2017 and not disclosing about policy taken in 2015, then in case of death, only 10L sum assured one will applicable for death claim.

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Wrote : 02-01-2017 21:31:24

sir , myself raghav.I want to gift a policy to my wife within a range (premium amount) of @25000/year- to 30000/year- for a policy term of 16 years.And presently her age is 24.I had shortlisted Jeevan Anand,Jeevan Labh and Jeean Pragathi. which one will be the best.Kindly guide me.

Replied : 03-01-2017 02:13:10
I would suggest to take policy in you name and mention her as nominee, I would suggest Jeevan Lakshay 833 with term rider in your name.

Wrote : 03-01-2017 19:45:24

Sir , first of all thanks for your immediate reply. But i had already availed Jeevan Anand Policy (Rs.5lakhs Policy) four years back. Now i am in dilemma whether to confirm Jeevan Anand or anyother good policy with rider benefit.

Replied : 04-01-2017 12:41:51
These are life insurance plans and main objectives of these plans are financial protection of your dependent in case of unfortunate death and saving. The reason why it was suggested to take policy in your name because, suppose if, a working husband takes plan in his wife name (who is a housewife) and pays regular premiums then everything fine until death of husband but in case of death of husband, the wife will not be able to pay premium as she is not earning. So, it is important for bread earner to have adequate life cover. Since you are having Jeevan Anand, Jeevan Lakshay Plan is most suitable. please read its benefits.

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Wrote : 22-12-2016 16:47:39

Hi, New Jeevan Anand - 815 SA - 660000 term - 25 Age - 29 For the above plan In LIC portal it showing below premium Premium ST Total Yearly 28394 1065 29459 but in your portal it is showing slight different Yearly 29054 1090 30144 ---- for the first year Yearly 29054 545 29599 --- After first year. Can you explain me which one is proper

Replied : 22-12-2016 18:24:18
The premium shown here is inclusive of double accidental benefit rider, that is why this is difference is coming.

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Wrote : 22-07-2016 15:58:10

Good Afternoon Sir, I've purchased two policies of table no.815 for 35 years each sa 1000000 dated on 28.06.20016 . I want to transform one of them into table no.820. is it possible? If yes tell me details for that. with regards!

Replied : 22-07-2016 16:22:38
Since you have taken these policies less than a month ago you can close one and take new plan 820, contact policy issuing branch.

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Wrote : 12-07-2016 13:35:34

Please inform. SA Rs.5000000 Present Age: 35 Policy Term: 15 years. Plan: New Jeevan Anand 815. What will be total amount after maturity by survival without natural death, accident death and accident? What will be premium per month through ECS? If Purchase through LIC agent: If purchase through on line:

Replied : 12-07-2016 13:40:50
This plan is not available is not available. for premium and maturity please use premium and maturity calculator.

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Wrote : 08-06-2016 13:00:46

Sir please tell me that anyone charge will start if i will registered my policy no. on lic site

Replied : 08-06-2016 18:21:27
No, it is not chargeable.

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