Premium Calculator for Jeevan Labh (Plan No:836)

Premium calculator for Jeevan Labh (Table No: 836) provides premium details (Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly) with accidental benefit rider including service tax. Please Provide following details and click on calculate premium.

Accidental & Disability Rider

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Wrote : 11-05-2018 17:43:47

Can i take into JEEVAN LABH LIC's Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider (UIN: 512B209V01) LIC's New Term Assurance Rider (UIN: 512B210V01)

Replied : 13-05-2018 23:26:11
Yes, it can be taken.

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Wrote : 30-01-2018 20:19:47

What is the maturity amount on 80000/- premium amount p.a. Plz reply

Replied : 31-01-2018 12:00:13
Maturity will depned upon policy term and sum assured.

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Wrote : 25-01-2018 02:16:32

Hello, Hope you are well. I have a Jeevan Labh policy with me but i would like to understand the calculation of the renewal premium. For the current plan, here is my premium details as per policy document. Basic Premim - 14168 +GST 638Total Premium - 14806 Now NEXT DUE PREMIUM AMOUNT

Replied : 26-01-2018 19:59:12
Currently, GST rate is 4.5% for first year premium and 2.25% for subsequent year premiums for jeevan labh plan.

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Wrote : 15-01-2018 23:24:05

Hello, Hope you are well. I have a Jeevan Labh policy with me but i would like to understand the calculation of the renewal premium. For the current plan, here is my premium details as per policy document. Basic Premim - 103810 Total Premium - 106310 Now when i try to pay in online, i have to pay extra 2391 INR Total Premium - 1,06,310.00 GST - 2391.98 Total after GST - 1,08,701.98 Is it normal that i pay Service Tax + GST ? How it is calculated.

Replied : 16-01-2018 22:48:58
Following will help you understand.
1. Basic Plan Premium (A) - 103810
2. Rider Premium (B)- 2500
3. Total Insurance Premium (C=A+B) - 106310
4. GST @2.25 on Total Insurance Premium (D= Cx2.25%) - 2391.98
4. Total Premium to be paid (C+D) - 1,08,701.98
So, it only GST not service tax, 2500 is premium for rider not service tax

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Wrote : 05-01-2018 20:22:04

my current age is 40 years, if i get the Jeevan Labh Policy Term(Premium Paying Term) 16/25 then what is the time of maturity i will received that 65 years???

Replied : 05-01-2018 23:28:59
Yes, Maturity will happen after completion of 25th policy year. Premium needs to be paid for 16 years.

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Wrote : 02-01-2018 21:01:47

Policy Term(Premium Paying Term) what is difference between policy term 25 & premium paying term 16

Replied : 02-01-2018 21:10:26
It means, you have to pay premium for 16 years and maturity will be paid to you after completion of 25th year.

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Wrote : 26-12-2017 15:58:27

Are there any premium waiver benefit facility under LIC Jeevan Labh (Table No. 836) , policy has been taken for 8 years daughter and premium is paid by father (37 years) , in that situation , suppose father is expired after commencement of said policy . premium will have to pay or not ??

Replied : 26-12-2017 18:01:53
Premium waiver feature is not available in this plan.

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Wrote : 23-11-2017 20:43:52

My agent said that the interest of jeevan labh will be decrease from jan18 please let me know if i buy a policy in jan 18 sum assured rs 200000 what will be the maturity amount in 25-16 plan

Replied : 26-11-2017 11:41:17
There is nothing like that.

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Wrote : 12-11-2017 14:25:17

Dear sir 2 days back i have purchased jeevan laabh with sum assured 2500000, he said to pay 1,36,000 yearly premium as of 15 (21) type. My age is i calculated in the calculator for my age it is coming 1,20,000 topay as premium Kindly help Regards

Replied : 12-11-2017 20:34:03
Please make sure the selected term is correct. Whatever the premium will be, you will get receipt of same amount.

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Wrote : 06-10-2017 13:03:54

i had purchased jeevan anand policy for 21 yrs with sum assured of 300000 on august 2017 but now i have to closed this policy and want to purchased new policy jeevan labh then what is procedure to close the jeevan anand policy

Replied : 06-10-2017 17:33:18
Visit your branch in this regard. Generally it can be done within 15 days of receipt of policy document by applying cooling off.

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Wrote : 03-09-2017 02:24:39

Dear Sir, I want to start a LIC policy with term 25-16 in table 836 plan of Jeevan Labha. My age is now 37. My LIC agent is saying me to pay Rs.12475/- in quaterly. Is it correct? Please give me reply.

Replied : 03-09-2017 20:07:17
Apart from age and term, Premium depends upon sum assured too. Please ask amount of sum assured your agent is proposing and use LIC website or above calculator to calculate yourself. Whatever will the premium, it will be indicated on receipt provided by LIC, make sure what riders along with base plan your agent is proposing.

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Wrote : 22-08-2017 07:34:32

Could you please explain benefits of table no 149 plan

Replied : 22-08-2017 20:18:32
Please use jeevan anand 149 maturity calculator to generate illustration and know approx benefits yourself.

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Wrote : 14-08-2017 12:00:36

age 22 sa 350000 policy term 25 yr agent tell annual premium 17809 n premium calculator showing 16963 both include accidental n disability rider....... can i know hoiw this diff come

Replied : 14-08-2017 17:19:03
Your agent has also included term rider in your premium.

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Wrote : 21-07-2017 11:44:36

sir i want to know about which was filled in tax saving actual premium ya actual premium with tax please suggest me as soon as

Replied : 21-07-2017 12:33:43
For tax exemption, premium without tax to be filled.

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Wrote : 13-06-2017 09:46:15

While paying the premium, do we also have to pay the service tax too? My half yearly premium for jeevan labh is Rs 59,112. However, after including service tax, it's becoming 61329 for 1st year. So can i pay Rs 59,112 or do I need to pay Rs 61,329 for 1st year?

Replied : 13-06-2017 10:15:13
Yes, You need to pay premium along with service tax. If you pay the premium online (either as a registered or unregistered user), then, total premium to be paid will be shown including service tax.

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Wrote : 23-03-2017 11:24:43

Hello sir I m 31 year and want take 300000 sum insured policy agent saying premium will be 15490..but premium calculator showing different

Replied : 23-03-2017 11:38:23
What are your date of birth and term you are looking for?

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Wrote : 16-02-2017 23:24:15

Why there is some difference in Premium in Official LIC website and here for LIC Jeevan Labh after Service Tax addition

Replied : 17-02-2017 00:27:03
Above premium calculator provides premium including Accidental and Disability rider, that is why difference is coming. Once you uncheck this rider from above form, the result will be same. Following screen-shot from LIC official website is given for reference.

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Wrote : 03-02-2017 20:45:02

how can check lic policy status

Replied : 03-02-2017 20:51:42
Please go through this step wise guide to know your policy status.

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Wrote : 19-01-2017 10:57:53

What is the procedure to register myself in LICI

Replied : 19-01-2017 11:17:28
Do you want to register your policy ?? if Yes, here is link How to Register Your LIC Policy.

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Wrote : 06-12-2016 16:35:11

what the name of that lic policy which gives 100yrs age life cover n after complete in 60 yrs n maturty in age of 70yrs.....

Replied : 06-12-2016 18:25:42
As per your incomplete description, most likely, it is Jeevan Anand table 149.

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Wrote : 02-12-2016 21:47:14

Iam in gov electricity company employee and i have lot of risk in my job please suggest lic plan for me and my 3yr old doughter...

Replied : 02-12-2016 22:00:19
I would suggest 2 plans for you, Jeevan Lakshay 833, which will secure your family financial need by means of yearly income in case of your absence and second suggested plan is term plan which will provide high risk cover in low premium.

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Wrote : 22-10-2016 23:26:30

Sir,If I pay my premium online, tax will be included or not?

Replied : 22-10-2016 23:31:10
Yes, you have to pay taxes and it will be included in your premium to be paid.

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Wrote : 11-10-2016 23:57:41

Hello sir, i have 2 questions. i have taken Jeevan labh plan with S.A 6 lakh (25yr) with Half yearly pmnt. I have paid 14252 as 1st premium however in 1st Premium receipt 1st premium is written as 13736 and Annual Acc. Premium as 780....sir it doesn't add up to what i paid....Sir Is there something wrong??? And my second que. is during Lic online registration it asks installment premium(without tax)....however in Insurance Certificate there are 2 amounts (i)...Installment premium for base policy= 13346 and (ii) Total Installment premium=13736......sir which amount should i use during online registration?? Also sir which amount should i mention for income tax rebate. Thank you!

Replied : 12-10-2016 00:08:02
As per my interpretation:
(1) Base premium (without accidental benefit)-13346
(2) Accidental premium -390
(3) Premium with accidental benefit (1+2)-13736
(4) service tax @3.75 percent on (3)- 516
(5) Total (3+4)- 14252
So, you need to enter 13736. please check and do reply.
For IT declaration, premium without service tax is to be given, it is 13736 in your case.

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Wrote : 09-10-2016 15:06:36

I am 26yr old and my husband is 39 n my girl is 6mnth ,pls suggest me which 3 plan best of my family Regards,

Replied : 11-10-2016 23:35:42
I would suggest jeevan lakshay and Jeevan Tarun plans.

Wrote : 28-02-2017 11:56:50

I would suggest jeevan labh;jeevan laksya and children money back plan.

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Wrote : 25-09-2016 14:20:16

One lic agent told me if I give yearly 46000 ( for 25 yrs term )for 16 years .... lic will give me 27 lacs after 25 age is 27 yrs now..... Can I calculate if he saying truth or false?

Replied : 25-09-2016 21:55:23
Use premium and maturity calculator of jeevan labh and know yourself.

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Wrote : 09-08-2016 23:26:24

How to pay my premium online? All the time i want to enroll it says wrong data entered

Replied : 10-08-2016 10:37:19
Kindly Register with LIC and after login you can view all your details. for registration, you need to enter premium without service tax.

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Wrote : 22-07-2016 14:49:33

What are blood test required for this policy as my age is 54 and can you give all the details of policy

Replied : 22-07-2016 22:49:58
What is your age and what sum assured you are looking for.

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Wrote : 21-07-2016 22:58:58

Is maturity amount taxable?

Replied : 22-07-2016 12:27:24
It is not taxable.

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Wrote : 06-07-2016 19:14:35

I would like to know why the premium is different for the first year and from second year onwards is same.And when total all the premium for 10years is less than the sum assured.Also the total return is the whole amount we'll get or we have to pay charges or taxes?pls reply asap.

Replied : 08-07-2016 00:32:54
The premium difference is due to difference in tax rate for 1st year and 2nd year onwards..

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Wrote : 04-06-2016 15:13:52

Maturity calculator showing amount including premium amount or only benefit

Replied : 07-06-2016 01:01:25
It is showing final appox amount

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